Sorry to those that we missed,

we find ourselves visiting mostly with parents/grandparents when we come. That, and I officially can't stand driving here, in fact with the price of real estate, I can't understand why anyone would stay. Honestly, it's nuts. Though change is hard, so no worries. I have stopped trying to spread the good news of living elsewhere, because really, I don't want to overpopulate the rest of the province. I remained surprised though.
I am on my way back to silence, or at least less noise, punctuated by trains, and intermittent deer.

There were thoughts I wanted to share, but I don't remember them. I had a great brief chat with Donovan, and I hope to be a foil for good discussion in front of a podcast mic on day. We will see. I loved what he said about open concept design and how designated space can help kids develop imagination and see and live within boundaries. I forget about this type of living/thinking when I am doing day to day out there, we are busy, and not missing out I don't think.

I am bringing my band back here, to play at Con Brio Whistler, work will be busy for the spring to the finish and the government keeps lobbing little IED's at us. I don't like them. I don't understand why they want to cut and cut and cut.