Music is for telling stories

I have had an epiphany, music is for telling stories, or it should be. It can and does other things, but if it is good and if it is to grab your attention, it will tell a story. This is why a lot of CCM is crap, because it is about as deep as a puddle in the desert, doesn't tell a story. This is why the Psalms are good, they are telling a story-even though they don't always have narrative trajectory-

Anyway. That's today's epiphany. Music tells stories. It's also today's lesson in Grade 2 music friday.

Zeke's birthday was yesterday, it was brutal and awesome. He was all wound up, and we had to cancel our planned sushi supper. But he can load and shoot his bb gun by himself, I wasn't sure he was strong enough for it, but he is.

and it's spring in February here. Snow is almost all gone from town. It's bizarre.


elizabeth said...

I can see this. Have you read L'Engle's work on music? I just re-read _A Severed Wasp_ which is not easy reading but important and deals with music as an integral part of showing that there is meaning in this often chaotic world.

Mr. P said...

I haven't but I would like to!