So tomorrow I will become a reader. Vladika Irenee will tonsure me. I have been orthodox since 2005, so I suppose it's time. I like reading in the church. And I got a cassock. Long after I thought it would be a 'cool' thing to do, so I guess that's good.
Life in Fernie is interesting. We are waiting to find out if/when the next step happens, which has to do with working in Cranbrook, and perhaps living in Kimberley. We would be closer to our church, so that would be good. I would miss a number of people here who I have become good friends with, but Fernie is not affordable for a teacher, so we go to cranbrook/kimberley area, which is on sale. I miss a lot of people in the lower mainland, I miss the influence of constant church, the monks, etc. I love the kootenays though. I got two deer again this year, which is great. I even put a road killed doe in the freezer, so we have lots of meat. The kids like it here too, it's good. I have been biking to work in the snow, and it's not too bad. The short commute is awesome.