Fernie, a year and a bit later... we live in community

Apparently this is post number 600. It's been going a while. I think since 2005, when I started exploring Orthodoxy at St. Hermans, just after I finished undergrad at TWU.

Life really is beautiful and hard. I love that I have found a church that is honest, that is full of honest people. I think that must be the thing that I saw/see in orthodoxy, is that even though there are people of all political, philosophical, intellectual, and physical stripes, most people who convert to Orthodoxy do so because they have found something that either will or ought to demand as much honesty as one can muster. About one's self, that is. At least that seems to me to be the case. I don't agree with a lot of my fellow orthodox about things, but I think we are all striving for honesty of life, and an honest interpretation of what it means to be a Christian.

I feel a lot less of anything about God now than I did when I was 17, or even 27. I hope that feelings are as poor as assessment as I think they are. I avoid people who feel to much about God. I was one of those who took everything that was meant as internal and pushed it onto the world. This is probably why I blog at all. I keep more to myself these days, which is ok. But I like the idea of creating a version of history for my kids to read. I would love to have read the thoughts of my parents that happened before I was aware that they were human.

Tonight Z had a huge meltdown over a toy, it was unpleasant. As soon as he ate, he was fine. He's a good kid unless he's hangry, then he becomes intolerable.

The fast is different this year, so far. I have a different perspective on it. I miss orthodox people being in my life daily. We have good people here, to be sure.

I wrote the first bit the other day

Today we went to Crowsnest pass, where there is a really cool thrift shop. It's called bagatelle, and there is such a feeling of welcome, I love driving out there just for that. The roads were a bit sketchy at times, but not too bad. We saw a herd of Mountain Sheep in the middle of highway 3. licking the salt from the road. We didn't get a picture. But they are often there. I still love seeing animals. They are majestic beings.

The matriarch of St. Herman's has passed away, May her memory be eternal! She and her husband started english speaking orthodoxy in BC. I began to think about how important this is to so many people. It has affected the lives of literally hundreds of Christians, many of whom might no longer be Christians is it were not for their hard work. I wonder where I would be if it weren't for St. Hermans. Surely not here in this moment. It's strange to think of life that way.

It's really cold, and there's no snow. Kind of a bummer. It rained really hard right before it dropped down to -14 at night. Weird.

Also, check out Dave Ramsey if you haven't already. Great stuff regarding debt and money. Opinionated like an american, but I think that's why people like him. He's not always soft and polite. He rants. but he's deadly consistent. I like it.


Some Fernie things that we love

Zeke went skiing for the first time ever today
I can flyfish for cutthroat trout (and catch them) behind my house by about 400 metres
my commute is 7 minutes
I shot two deer this year. two.
We live in a community. This part is still finalizing itself. It's something we have always talked about, wondered about. We can't escape it here, geography compels it.


Victoria said...

really good words here. thank you.

Macrina Hallaquinn said...

May the Lord bless and keep you, dear friends.