Summers Off? On discipline and hard work.

I can't really imagine taking the entire two months off, so I will be working a few days a week, at an old favourite, shoveling concrete.
I miss hard physical work, and working outside, and because the time frame is limited, if I don't like it, I can suck it up for a little while and just get it done.

I have learned a lot about myself lately. Not the least of this being that I love my job, which helps the students enjoy being there too. Sometimes it's stressful, and that's usually when I haven't planned enough. But it's good.

And Fernie is good too. It's incredible. I recently ran as a team of 4 competing in an ultra marathon, I only ran 10KM, but the vertical was pretty good. almost 700M of ascent and descent. Now, I didn't run up, I walked up, but I ran down. The craziest part is that we came 2nd place. 2nd! Somehow I got onto a team with elite runners. Check out www.trailrunner.ca for a look at the trail running scene. It's my cousin's digital magazine, and we were team Trail Running Canada. Anyways, that was crazy.

And the other day I got up early and went for a 9KM hike, hoping to be back before breakfast, but I got  a flat at Island Lake Lodge. That's another weird thing, I live 10KM from a legendary catskiing operation. We are still working the debt snowball (cf: Dave Ramsey for more info) so it will be a while, but they have a standby list, so I know I'll get to go skiing there one day.

The recreation opportunities here are endless, to the point that I still scarcely believe that I live here, and could stay forever. I took Zeke fishing today, no fish but lots of fun, and soon when the river clears up, we can fish in a world class, 'classified waters' trout river, that is a 5 minute walk from our house. Did I mention the hunting? I get to drive 15 minutes and be in a legitimate hunting spot. or closer if I want, really. It's just so weird.

It's been a year and I really can't believe that we get to live here and be here. It's basically what I have wanted my whole life, to live in a small town, where I can fish and hunt, be a music teacher, and have a family. Actually, Literally, living the dream.

And I still am ungrateful sometimes, wondering if there isn't some reason to apply to sub lists in the lower mainland where I could drive farther, pay more for housing, earn less, and have my recreation opportunities basically decimated, so that the little time I have with my family I would spend driving to and from shorter sessions of the same activities.
Did I mention zeke skis for free next year? at the ski hill, which is 5 minutes away? I guess getting to the lift is more like 15 minutes. After getting dressed and ready at the car. I know, totally not worth the inconvenience. (sarcasm-do we have a sarcasm font yet)

I think the essence of Christianity is gratitude, thanksgiving, and somedays even though I can recount the things that I am grateful for, I don't feel grateful, and usually that translates to not acting grateful, but acting entitled. I don't know why or how I have this attitude of entitlement, and it isn't pervasive or continuous, but when I feel it, I wonder why I am not repulsed by it. or if I am, how to change the way I feel. but then why is it all about how I feel?

I guess that's it, why do feelings dictate our actions? or my actions. I guess that's the thing with discipline. and Holiness. It's just lots of hand to plow, nose to stone.