Snow is gone/Missing Gibsons

The snow is gone, and the bikes are coming out. The belief system of the community we belong to is coming clearer. I am Orthodox, but I am also becoming a member of the fernie community, we believe in recreation, protecting the environment, mining, drinking, and knowing what is going on. It's a beautiful place, and people are pretty respectful of whatever faith you have, but not a lot of interest in anything new, people here are pretty steadfast. Everyone is so busy that they don't have time to notice any lack they may or may not have. There are also some people who are self reflective, and that is nice, refreshing, but, and I do this too, so don't hear me being condescending at all, it is largely a culture of fast paced enjoyment, or relaxed escapism. I sound negative, and I don't mean to, it's really nice, but I miss Gibsons and the things I learned there.