The City and it's noise.

I can't believe I grew up here. I alway enjoyed visiting quieter places, especially Gibsons. Today, after being a bit overwhelmed by the noise (this place is so loud, the streets, the cars blech) I lied down briefly in my parents closet and was so glad for dark quietness. I miss the sound of the snow, though I look forward to spring. It seems winter might be over but I bet we get one more storm before it really gets warm. Can't wait to bike, hike, run etc.

We have been thinking about getting a dog, but we are determined to wait until it is all a bit more affordable, vis a vis the debt snowball. I was lying down just now and thinking about discipline, hoping for more of it, as I am want to do, and I thought I should start watching/reading the posts of a friend who seems to understand discipline, though I wonder if it is discipline or it is that he has found the benefit of the work of the discipline so he doesn't feel like it is hard work to be disciplined because of the joy of silence.

I miss the silence. but part of me yearns for and creates noise. inner and outer. It's a struggle. yin and yang. I guess. maybe one day I can let the noise starve.


elizabeth said...

silence is good; I too have a hard time with silence but over time, like you I think, find it a bit easier...

Lil'M said...

kindred spirit.
right here.