The City and it's noise.

I can't believe I grew up here. I alway enjoyed visiting quieter places, especially Gibsons. Today, after being a bit overwhelmed by the noise (this place is so loud, the streets, the cars blech) I lied down briefly in my parents closet and was so glad for dark quietness. I miss the sound of the snow, though I look forward to spring. It seems winter might be over but I bet we get one more storm before it really gets warm. Can't wait to bike, hike, run etc.

We have been thinking about getting a dog, but we are determined to wait until it is all a bit more affordable, vis a vis the debt snowball. I was lying down just now and thinking about discipline, hoping for more of it, as I am want to do, and I thought I should start watching/reading the posts of a friend who seems to understand discipline, though I wonder if it is discipline or it is that he has found the benefit of the work of the discipline so he doesn't feel like it is hard work to be disciplined because of the joy of silence.

I miss the silence. but part of me yearns for and creates noise. inner and outer. It's a struggle. yin and yang. I guess. maybe one day I can let the noise starve.


Moving Away

Having just moved away from St. H, I know something of the feelings of a family of friends who are about to move very far away. about as far as you can go, it seems. I feel terrible for them, bad for myself, I was hoping they would be our neighbours, sort of. I know there is a fascinating part of exploring something new, but it's just.so.far. West coast to east coast sort of far. It's pretty brutal.
But it can be okay, in the end. We are finding our way here in Fernie. Looking forward to visiting our peeps in vancity etc. and excited for the road trip too. Life isn't ever what you expect, I suspect.


The Bible as a weapon...

I just read something that tweaked something in my mind. The author said that the bible is not for us to point at other people, but to use as a communication tool, God to us. individually (and corporately, yes, but for our purposes, forget that for a minute)
SO often, the american evangelical straw man is creating terror (not actual terror, though sometimes) by using the bible like a weapon, pointing it's verses at others, when really all we can do is point it at our own hearts. Specifically with the LGBT community, I can read the bible, and it can be God's word to me. It's not me reading what God said to my atheist gay friend. It has nothing to do with them, in fact. Well, what it has to do with them is between them and God. If they are seeking truth, and/or wanting to belong to a christian community, a/the body of Christ, they will have to work that out. I am not a priest (thank God) and it is not my duty to shove any epithets, true or not, towards anyone (unless they are my friends/godsons/daughters and they have asked for it-and even then it's not epithets, it's a talk over beer or coffee) God is telling me to take care of the poor, love my neighbour, and giving me instruction on best practices for this thing we call life, seeing as he made it, he probably gets it in a relatively divine way, and I bumble around and am clueless. It is not up to me to interpret the bible (or worse yet, dreams or direct words from God-ugh-) for anyone else. The only thing I can do is take care of myself and try to do a good job loving my wife, raising my kids and not being a jerk to my students. If I get anywhere close to that, maybe someone will think it has something to do with God. maybe not. But I think that is up to God. or the Spirit.
I suppose that I finally have my answer to my gay friend who asked if I thought he was going to hell, and the answer is, ultimately, who cares what I think? and I said it at the time, but he seemed to think it was a cop out. But it's not, because why does my worldview affect him? I support his right to legal equality, (for a more detailed opinion, let's chat) Nobody should be treated badly, either in school or at work etc. Gay students should be safe in school, just like fundamentalist literal bible reading Christians should be safe in school. (which they aren't, btw)