rest and discipline. On being a tangry grouch. (tired+angry=tangry)

Something I have been taking for granted lately is rest. I have gotten back into that habit of staying up just a bit later, 11 maybe, and then being tired and grouchy, and doing it many days in a row until I am a nasgul. or something. And it's not that staying up late is necessarily bad, but I am not 21 anymore, and I can't really take naps that often to catch up, and why start out with debt anyway? I might as well go to bed early. I remember being so pumped about choir that I would intentionally, with military discipline, go to bed by 9pm. Every night. IN HIGH SCHOOL. so that I was ready to wake up early and be on time. (it is possibly my parents would argue about this, but it is how I remember it)
Now, because I am the only one around to do the discipline, I am not there. It is a constant theme, perhaps it is a muscle I can work out and develop. Here's hoping.
Lord have mercy.


Victoria said...

ugh. yes, this is also one of my bad habits. but it doesn't make me grouchy, just gloooomy. and so I pour an extra glass of wine. then stay up later and listen to sad music (cuz that helps :P )
especially when K is gone. I'm gonna try and break this habit this week.

Mr. P said...

well, we could drink together on skype...:)