Lord have mercy on the suffering/Visitors from home

We are fine, thank God. and I am reminded and overflowing with gratitude for my children's safety and health.

Yesterday and Today, we had some good friends, Sheree Plett/Jeremy Eisenhauer and their band came and played in Fernie. Last night they played at Clawhammer Press, and this morning they played at my school for my students, and the students loved it. Of course. These guys are pros, very tight and have great voices. Many of my students were quite impressed, to the point that some bought CDs, which was cool.

So that was great to see them, and to hear them play, and for my students to get that experience. But then Jer shared the news he had seen on twitter, and I immediately went and looked and it was horrifying. I have seen these things before, many of us have, but being a teacher and now a parent (in reverse order but whatever) it struck doubly close to home. I know kindergarten classes, there are students whose moms teach with me and I can't imagine the absolute rage inducing pain of losing such a young child. It would take a large amount of prayer, whisky and djarums to...cancel that, I don't think I would ever understand that. I guess I would be trying to stop hurting so much.

David Bentley Hart has an amazing article that I always refer to in situations like this, and I, having read a number of writings on suffering and other philosophical conundra, have never come across anything so powerful in an explanation of suffering in the context of Christianity.

Here is the link

I can't recommend it strongly enough. If it were up to me, this article would be canonized.

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