2012 review...of course

In no particular order:

Moved to the east kootenays after finally graduating (again) and starting a very very cool job, very far away from myriad people that I love. highlights include becoming a big fish in a small bowl very quickly, and noticing that I who you spend time with really does affect who we are. Well, me anyways, which is one way that I realize that I don't get enough time at church. We will see how long it lasts. But I love my job and my admin types are great.

I took home a deer. I stole it from a cougar. and last night I made amazing venison burgers. seriously. They had lots of spice and little bits of bacon mixed in, and they rocked. BBQ'd with the natural gas BBQ in -14 weather.

We are paying down debt at a pretty good rate, largely due to L working at BP, which she enjoys, thankfully.

we have managed not to buy a truck yet. But I think next year I will try and buy a shotgun.

We started to host people through airbnb.com and it is really cool. This weekend we have a few engineer types from Enbridge staying in our basement room and I am making breakfast for them. They are skiing and enjoying it.

We did our first Christmas away from Vancouver, which was a bit sad. Especially when I saw my folks place on christmas eve via facetime.

We have snowshoed a bunch this week. There is a ton of snow here.

another highlight was P and M coming to visit shortly after we arrived, what a glorious treat to feel so alone and have people from home show up and visit. Seriously a welcome treat.

Z is growing up quite a bit, doing really funny things and saying words I don't expect to hear him say. M isn't quite walking, but they are both enjoying the chance to play in the snow when they can. Z and I have two snow caves, one in front and one in back. I think I might like them more than he does.

I miss you all more than I care to think about.
will be in the lower mainland in march.


elizabeth said...

I hope the church situation can get better; this would be hard; blessings on the new year.

Lil'M said...

I believe you likely do enjoy the caves more than Z!

And you are sorely missed as well. We tried and tried to work in another road-trip but no more 3-day weekends for P. We'll have to figure something else out. Maybe September, when he'll have accummulated some more extra days.

You are growing and doing and building a life - this is all very energizing and taxing. Glad it is working out reasonably well and you are ever in our prayers.