2012 review...of course

In no particular order:

Moved to the east kootenays after finally graduating (again) and starting a very very cool job, very far away from myriad people that I love. highlights include becoming a big fish in a small bowl very quickly, and noticing that I who you spend time with really does affect who we are. Well, me anyways, which is one way that I realize that I don't get enough time at church. We will see how long it lasts. But I love my job and my admin types are great.

I took home a deer. I stole it from a cougar. and last night I made amazing venison burgers. seriously. They had lots of spice and little bits of bacon mixed in, and they rocked. BBQ'd with the natural gas BBQ in -14 weather.

We are paying down debt at a pretty good rate, largely due to L working at BP, which she enjoys, thankfully.

we have managed not to buy a truck yet. But I think next year I will try and buy a shotgun.

We started to host people through airbnb.com and it is really cool. This weekend we have a few engineer types from Enbridge staying in our basement room and I am making breakfast for them. They are skiing and enjoying it.

We did our first Christmas away from Vancouver, which was a bit sad. Especially when I saw my folks place on christmas eve via facetime.

We have snowshoed a bunch this week. There is a ton of snow here.

another highlight was P and M coming to visit shortly after we arrived, what a glorious treat to feel so alone and have people from home show up and visit. Seriously a welcome treat.

Z is growing up quite a bit, doing really funny things and saying words I don't expect to hear him say. M isn't quite walking, but they are both enjoying the chance to play in the snow when they can. Z and I have two snow caves, one in front and one in back. I think I might like them more than he does.

I miss you all more than I care to think about.
will be in the lower mainland in march.


Lord have mercy on the suffering/Visitors from home

We are fine, thank God. and I am reminded and overflowing with gratitude for my children's safety and health.

Yesterday and Today, we had some good friends, Sheree Plett/Jeremy Eisenhauer and their band came and played in Fernie. Last night they played at Clawhammer Press, and this morning they played at my school for my students, and the students loved it. Of course. These guys are pros, very tight and have great voices. Many of my students were quite impressed, to the point that some bought CDs, which was cool.

So that was great to see them, and to hear them play, and for my students to get that experience. But then Jer shared the news he had seen on twitter, and I immediately went and looked and it was horrifying. I have seen these things before, many of us have, but being a teacher and now a parent (in reverse order but whatever) it struck doubly close to home. I know kindergarten classes, there are students whose moms teach with me and I can't imagine the absolute rage inducing pain of losing such a young child. It would take a large amount of prayer, whisky and djarums to...cancel that, I don't think I would ever understand that. I guess I would be trying to stop hurting so much.

David Bentley Hart has an amazing article that I always refer to in situations like this, and I, having read a number of writings on suffering and other philosophical conundra, have never come across anything so powerful in an explanation of suffering in the context of Christianity.

Here is the link

I can't recommend it strongly enough. If it were up to me, this article would be canonized.



Well, it has snowed off and on for the last month, trading days with rain and chinooks, but it seems like it is here to stay, and I love it.
Today I went and bought a saw so we can go and cut a tree down in the forest for a christmas tree.

We have been making friends here, but I miss church, and the influence it has on my life. I can see a slow change, but I don't quite know what to do about it, except go to church more.

I guess that's most of it. I miss church. We all had the stomach flu, I took sick days, which is an interesting thing. I was sick enough to stay home, but its quite nice to be able to do that and still get paid. paid sick days. Teachers don't make tons of money, but the benefits are nice.

and we had our first choir meeting on thursday, so that was pretty great. My job continues to rock. Laurenn is also enjoying her work, it is repetitive but she has fun when she is there, so that is good. I am glad for that.

I think I am done hunting for the season, its pretty snowy and only bowhunting season is open, my confidence for accuracy and energy for practice at the range is low right now, with the christmas break pretty close at hand.

But it has been fun and I have learned a lot. I think next year there should be more success, and besides, I did bring home meat, which was the whole point, so all of those 'hunter's prayers' were answered, even if it was different than I expected.

Come visit! The Eisenhauer experience will be with us next week and I have rented out a room in our basement on airbnb.com for new years weekend, so I am excited for that too. If you want to know more about how that works, check the website or email me.

Also, my in laws are coming for Christmas, so that is really exciting. I won't be home for Christmas which isn't exciting, but I am going to cook the christmas ham, which will be a good thing to learn how to do.

Millie has said her first word, when Laurenn goes to work, millie crawls to the door and says 'mum-mum-mum-mum'

It's cute.