Winter? in October? / Geography=Community

So, I live in a place where winter exists. I am not used to this. I think I like it. But time will tell.
I went hunting today and say 7 elk but they are out of season, and then I glimpsed some deer which are in season but they disappeared before I could do much about it. But I was climbing mountains in the snow, which was nice enough on its own.

The recreation here is second to none. I'd rather live here than whistler, (except that whistler is close to many people I miss and love) but in the 'things to do' sense, I'd prefer Fernie to whistler in a heartbeat, and I think the skiing will be better, or comparable anyway. The snow will be more consistent. Not that I am a whistler connaisseur.

But I feel a bit adrift. The community in Cranbrook is great, but tiny. Not quite enough to feel or actually be grounded, I think. And we don't see them often enough. One thing I have said for many years on this blog is that geography affects community. One thing Laurenn and I lament is the question of Z and A growing up with orthodox friends. For all its beauty and humanity, St. Hermans has a bazillion kids, and that is so so important for us. That is, we want our kids to grow up with a loving orthodox community, full of peers, older people to talk to when they don't want to talk to us, and people we can ask advice from. We knew we were leaving that, and we knew we couldn't understand the depth of the meaning of that, but slowly it is hitting home. God knows, and knows what we need. We have some friends here, inside and outside the church, but its still a bit of a wild card I guess. I think what I miss are older people to be influenced by. The L's up on the holy mountain, the JQW trifecta, the H's, the G's, the K's, the B's, the other H's. So many people to help keep us grounded and remind us of the little and big things.

keep us on your list, I'm looking for old bearded men to look up to. I might even have to take responsibility for myself.


elizabeth said...

Yeah, this is hard; but I am glad you recognize it; I am feeling a bit like this too; thankfully lots of churches here but leaving one's home parish and confessor etc is HARD. will pray and light a candle for your family today...

RW said...

We spoke of you fondly last night. The Q's sold their house in the city and are country folk now.