Almost every day, I revel in the joy that is going to work.

I have begun to teach my elementary school students Solfege (Do-Re-Mi) and they are doing well at it, even the youngest, which is super cool. It's amazing what demo-repeat or call-answer can do for getting kids to learn. Zoltan Kodaly knew what was up.

Yes, I love my job. I even may go hunting with one of my students and his Dad. It's just that kind of a place. Everywhere I go, if there are kids, they are likely my students, and its great. Weird, but good. There's no anonymity, and I think it sort of suits me. I am not certain yet, but so far so good.

Laurenn is at work and I like hanging out with the kids, Millie is crawling now and she is hanging with Zeke, its quite the change from her being immobile.

Did I mention we might not be home for Christmas? Also quite the change. I suppose it might be time to do it on our own, but I really like being with our parents for Christmas. Tradition, you know.

Apparently a recording studio will be arriving soon for our school, so that is exciting, and goodness I hope the other supplies I ordered arrive soon, the students are making such good progress, and they actually want to practice. One of my classes made such noticeable improvements over last weekend, it was shocking.

Today, my grade 7 class cheered and high fived when they succeeded at a song. It was gratifying. Sometimes I wonder if job satisfaction is worth the pay difference between here and the mine (they earn double my salary) and most days I think it just might be worth it. Did I mention my supportive admin? They are great.

I didn't even mention last week as I should have, my wonderful new Godson, Lloyd David Ayce Perry. He was Baptized in the NICU and we were so thankful when he was able to breathe on his own. Keep him in your prayers, he's survived a difficult start, and we look forward to getting to know him more soon.


Victoria said...

so happy to hear how well things are going for your little clan.

still miss you guys like crazy though.

lovelovelove from us!!

elizabeth said...

it would be hard to not be home for Christmas... good to hear that things are going well! blessings on this autumn that is sliding into winter...

biss said...

M.regularly reminds me that you promised to come visit at Christmas. What's up?

Mr. P said...

ah yes. We did. Sadly, Laurenn's work makes that impossible. We didn't anticipate her working. We could come for four days, but with the drive in the winter, it might turn into a two day drive each way with two days in between, so we are opting for a two week visit at spring break.