No Bears, please.

It's really nice here. I mean, really.

I sat on the deck and had a version of open house, though it was just me, smithwicks and the sun fading behind the mountains. (and a few semi trucks on the highway)

the bears are raiding apple trees in town and I haven't seen a single one in the bush. I have been out hunting at least once a week, and I took zeke on monday. The wilderness is so close to town that I can be in legitimate hunting territory in about 15 minutes. It's weird.

My job is amazing, my beginners can play two notes, and I am excited about that, it's hard to say how fast we will progress, but when they do something new, it's great. It's also interesting to see different levels of ability all together, and to figure out how to address the varying speed at which they grasp things. I learned a few things in my second practicum, but there was so much they didn't teach us, the teacher ed. system is clearly flawed.

I miss vancouver people, but not the traffic, or the weather. I think it has rained twice since we got here, and there is snow in the two week forecast.

We went to a ukrainian church in Lethbridge last week, it was pretty cool, the people were welcoming and the choir, though not great, was beautiful. It sounded like they got along well even though they didn't all sing well. It made me smile, and it was so good to be at liturgy, despite the 200 plus km that we drove.

There was a grizzly bear in front of our house last week, but we didn't see it. Sadly. I have yet to see a Grizzly in the wild.

It's good to be here. Laurenn is enjoying her job, which is great, and I am enjoying being with the kids in the evenings when she works, so that works out well. I like the elementary school classes, but I think I am more suited to ensemble teaching at the high school.

I hope we can see many of our vancouver people soon, perhaps Christmas, but we aren't sure if we can come home yet, lots of factors are weighing in and maybe keeping us here. If you are reading this, come visit anytime, we have room.

we have some new friends, and that is nice. There are lots of young families here, and my stereotype of people working at the mines is quickly changing, our new friend who is an electrician at the mine busted out a Tom Waits Vinyl while we were at their house. Oh, and Chartreuse. It was fun, and I think I will be hunting with him on saturday. It's quite the life here. I do miss the church community though.
Another new music teacher in town and his girlfriend have become our friends, and they are great. It's nice to have people to connect with.

keep us in your prayers, come visit, or skype,


elizabeth said...

I hear you with wanting to have visitors! Wow; 200 km to church; intense; but glad you were all able to go; so important; keep blogging. you have a lot of people who care for you and your family.

Mr. P said...

Thanks Elizabeth, btw, so happy to hear of your wedding and your lovely man, Many Many happy holy years to you two!

Lil'M said...

Yes, it is nice there indeed. So glad to hear the church was a good experience, I know you guys were unsure.

We miss you guys and think of you often. The visit there seems so long ago, now.

Big hugs to the whole family!

myn said...

i miss you guys. lots.