Moving is a part of that difficulty that makes life beautiful

I just found out that one of our few friends in the kootenays recently got a job on the island close to their family. It's great, and I am happy for them, but I am bummed. We really don't know too many people out there. I am excited to live near my cousins who are in Lethbridge, but it really is a great unknown we are heading into.
And we leave a rich, busy, swirling community. I feel as though we are leaving the tropics and heading to the tundra, which only applies to our social/spiritual existence. I know we will have friends there, but old friend take a long time to grow, and these folks who are moving away felt like old friend partly because we have known them a while, and partly because their hospitality is so warm, and partly because they are orthodox and know what it is like to be out of their element. I'm not explaining it properly, but its a sad thing that they will leave. But its good for them, to be sure.

Sometimes when people are upset and they have a background that gives them the discipline and principles to not use curse words, I would (historically) curse on their behalf, because I think that sometimes the only appropriate word is inappropriate. I like honesty. and I am so grateful because my life is beautiful and overflowing with good things, but boy am I sad to be leaving. That's what makes it hard I guess is that we leave such beauty, and are going to such beauty, in different senses of course.

Even failing my practicum has turned out to be something that gives me empathy for people who have insecurities, and before, I likely would have looked at someone ( a peer anyways, not a student, I think/hope) with a fear or insecurity and I would have been baffled because I just didn't understand why people would be afraid of something bad happening. Bad things don't *actually* happen. But they do, and it did, and now I understand a bit.

But my life is so full of goodness. I love my wife and my kids so much, I have a church that if I were to live up to my end of the bargain, would kick my ass into serious shape (I'm lazy so I don't get much out of it) and I am moving from one beautiful British Columbia destination vacation spot to another.

I spoke to a friend today and asked what he thought most of the rest of the world would think about living in a place where clean drinkable water is so abundant that we can afford to build water parks and let the children run around in it while it goes down the drain. We pour it out after they play in it. We have such wealth, such wealth, even though being surrounded by absurd things like the cost of housing in vancouver we feel poor.

If I live in gratitude for a little more each day, maybe God will believe that I am thankful, gosh, maybe one day I'll believe it.

I know He gets it, he sees through us, but I take everything for granted and hope I can return thanks appropriately.

I mentioned to someone else that I think the only difference between a christian and anyone else is that the Christian says thank you to God for everything. or tries.


myn said...

i love you Dave. you'll be missed. as will your family.

TeresaAngelina said...

My heart broke today at Vespers. Tonight I learned that you had left...I did not know and did not get the chance to say goodbye. As you travel, know that my prayers will be added to those who knew you were leaving today. Goodbye David. Love in Christ, Angelina