Camp was great, busy, tiring, but good. Lots of good things and many healthy seeds for the future.

Tonight someone made a comment that reminded me of just how much I am going to miss so many people here, and how hard it will be. I always obey monty python and look on the bright side of life, but man, it makes me sad, dammit, to think of the people we will miss.

We had a lovely visit with people in victoria, more people to miss. A good visit though.

Honestly, I just want some peace. we need to stop travelling for more than a week at a time. Its been so hectic since we moved to cranbrook. I just want to cut the grass and drink the 0.5 beers in the fridge (they are not great, but on a hot day, I'm not complaining) get some work done, sell the stuff we don't want. Etc.

Come hang out on thursday, btw.


Life Lessons

One of the things I am learning, being home, and anticipating a move, is how much I love my community, and how much I love my family.

I also am learning how much I dislike big city traffic.

I am loving the people I have seen in the past week, and those I will see soon at camp etc. It is a wonderful community of people that I have missed a ton and will be glad to spend time with this summer.
That said, I am happy to have a family to take with me, a son and daughter to teach about life and love and the wilderness (that we are much closer to) and to take my family with me on adventures.
When we were in cranbrook, I lamented the loss of community, but I think as it happens we have  families for a reason and we will take our community with us. And it will grow out from within.

It seems like the family version of hermitage, going and willingly being alone, probably building some sort of community out there, and visiting from time to time. I want to be pushed towards selflessness, towards wholeness, towards holiness, and I trust that God does that in more places than just langley and gibsons and even chilliwack.

Also, I miss teaching. It doesn't pay as much as some careers, but boy, I love it. Even though I only knew them ever so briefly, I already miss my students. A good crew.