On loving your work

We come home this week. I can barely believe it, and we have found a place to live in Fernie.
It is beautiful, has two floors, a gas fireplace, a huge rec room for zeke to be loud and play in, and is close to a world class fly fishing river. I saw six Elk on my drive today.

We are going to a beautiful place, but we are leaving beautiful people. Bittersweet for sure.
I am excited for school, the superintendent is very supportive of the music dept at my new school, so that is good. As is the community and the admins in both schools. I was there today getting ready for next year. I can't believe I get to have a job that I love. There are so many people out there who don't get to spend their days doing the thing they love, and I am grateful that I do get to do that. It is exciting to think that at work I will have a fun variety of things to do, from teaching kids how to play instruments, do clapping and rhythm games, basically getting them excited about music in any way possible. What a canvas to paint on! WHEEEEE!!!!

That said, the canvas of our social and spiritual lives is also becoming fresh, in a way, though the history affects the future of course, and that uncertainty is not as exciting. I don't want that to change, though I bet it will be good for us in ways we can't see coming.

Right now I can't wait to see you all on Sunday. Morning in Langley, afternoon or evening in Vancity at St. Johns, and my family too.

I have enjoyed being here, it really helped me heal a lot from my first practicum experience, but also reinforces that my supervisor had no clue what he was doing. And that the education system is pretty weirdly non-standardized. But I guess so is the world. Looking forward to making my mark.

I am looking forward to the Grad ceremonies this week too, that will be fun and interesting.


elizabeth said...

I am so glad to hear of how healing it has been. So glad. The job I am in right now feels the same for me; it is a gift from God. Sounds like a wonderful house too! God's blessings!

Victoria said...

you are indeed one of the lucky ones. but even luck has a price, eh?

we are so looking forward to seeing you guys again.