On loving your work

We come home this week. I can barely believe it, and we have found a place to live in Fernie.
It is beautiful, has two floors, a gas fireplace, a huge rec room for zeke to be loud and play in, and is close to a world class fly fishing river. I saw six Elk on my drive today.

We are going to a beautiful place, but we are leaving beautiful people. Bittersweet for sure.
I am excited for school, the superintendent is very supportive of the music dept at my new school, so that is good. As is the community and the admins in both schools. I was there today getting ready for next year. I can't believe I get to have a job that I love. There are so many people out there who don't get to spend their days doing the thing they love, and I am grateful that I do get to do that. It is exciting to think that at work I will have a fun variety of things to do, from teaching kids how to play instruments, do clapping and rhythm games, basically getting them excited about music in any way possible. What a canvas to paint on! WHEEEEE!!!!

That said, the canvas of our social and spiritual lives is also becoming fresh, in a way, though the history affects the future of course, and that uncertainty is not as exciting. I don't want that to change, though I bet it will be good for us in ways we can't see coming.

Right now I can't wait to see you all on Sunday. Morning in Langley, afternoon or evening in Vancity at St. Johns, and my family too.

I have enjoyed being here, it really helped me heal a lot from my first practicum experience, but also reinforces that my supervisor had no clue what he was doing. And that the education system is pretty weirdly non-standardized. But I guess so is the world. Looking forward to making my mark.

I am looking forward to the Grad ceremonies this week too, that will be fun and interesting.



I am in the middle of something strange,

I am busy here, I spend lots and lots of time with my family, which is great. More than before, sort of. We do more things, we went for a hike waay up in the mountains yesterday, took our sweet mini van offroading, sort of. Saw lots of evidence of Elk and even a little evidence of bears, (not large ones)
played in some snow, and enjoyed nature generally.

We are all sick of this little apartment that is a suitable roof for two months, and we are sick of not being at home. But then, what is home? We are planning to uproot, and to live in a community that we will have no visible orthodox community. We will have christian friends (come hell or high water) because there are churches in town and I plan to begin an open house or a theology and beer chat night, which will start with the canonization of the new testament and lead up to why everyone should be orthodox and in the middle is 'doesn't this winter ale taste great?'

Honestly there are some great unknowns on the horizon. I recently purchased a hunting rifle, and I am so excited to go hunting this fall. This place is overrun with wild game just waiting to be eaten. (note to A, I plan to leave the bunnies alone) but there are deer, elk, moose, mountain sheep etc all over the place here. Its quite amazing. Anyways, hopefully I will be skillful and  enough to bring one or two home this fall to fill our freezer for the year.

So my neck gets redder every day, and I do like it here. Z and I spent 7 hours at the local civic celebration today, he loved the bouncy castles and I loved the butter chicken, the parade was fun and the strongman competition was loud. A few of my students played with their folk band The Good Ol Goats. It was a long busy day and all sorts of fun.

So I miss home, and then I am getting ready to leave yet again. I have moved away from St Hermans and Vancouver twice before, and now we are doing it again. I am curious to find out how long it will last. I know we will be back, but when and for how long? Lord have mercy.

I know my liver and my lungs will get a rest in Fernie, even though I am sure GF and co will send us off with a true test of their mettle.

I will take pictures of my view the next time I am there. It's unbelievable.

See you in two weeks!


Final Concert Videos

Two of our better moments on wednesday night. The first one they learned in three weeks, had a hiccup or two but I was very very proud of them and grateful for the work they put in. The second they already knew and generally sing it beautifully. I have had such a great time here, and am honored to have been a part of this program.

Thought the folks back home would like to see what is happening way out here in the boondocks.


Interview again...

I have a second interview on monday, they want to know more specifically what I would do with an elementary classroom music class, which is fair because I have zero experience. That said, I have a few ideas and could come up with a plan. So I will do that today.
I also am keeping an eye on the lower mainland, but there is just a bit more competition for jobs and continuing contracts aren't quite as prevalent, as far as I can tell.

Did I mention that we are homesick? but it takes different forms depending on the day. Anyways, today we are going to visit some people and they said 'bring a bottle of wine and your rubber boots, our place has animals' I think Z will really like it.

Also, today, one of my students families is going to lend us a trail-a-bike so I can put Z on the back. That could be a lot of fun and even more of a workout than my downhill beast already is. He can do the two wheel thing but doesn't love it yet. He still prefers his little run bike. All in good time.

Enjoying hanging out with the Nikkel family though, good people. Z and I went to see M last night, and had a great chat, Z ran around their 5 acres. It really is nice out here. Their neighbour is selling 8 acres and a house for under 400K.