prep time cranbrook pt 5

I am loving it here. Zeke shot a BB gun for the first time, he's really getting a lot done while we are here. Thanks to the Nikkels, we have had some good times with them. he cried when we left, their older boy is so good with him, as are the girls. It's so good to have some people to connect with out here. We have spent some time with other folks too, had a good visit with some new friends the other day and are looking forward to seeing them again soon.
The weather is glorious, mid to upper 20's, and cool at night.

I watched my students perform their musical last night, The Wedding Singer, and it was great. I wonder how much of my appreciation for it came from knowing them, and I further wonder how much that plays into all local arts appreciation. I wonder if the reason smaller arts organizations function is due to family and friends supporting something, rather than the work/group/artist/music/thing itself being desirable on its own, and what is the difference, and does it matter? my MA practicum with the Vancouver Chamber Choir touched on this, but I never got to this point. The question was what does the professional arts organization do for the society it belongs to. provides a service desired by the community, but it has to be more than that, right? Doesn't it? or is that we we have Government grants? I wonder if we should look to corporations for sponsorships and grants in exchange for an amicable relationship. Selling out? Yup. But it could be a good catalyst for more art and perhaps even a dialogue between two very different value systems about what matters. or not, I don't know.

The problem as I see it is that I can't articulate a good raison d'etre for most pro arts organizations that can't support themselves.

All that said, I can't wait for the music I am going to introduce to the kids tomorrow. I have a bunch of prep to do in the morning, so I will go to bed shortly, and I have gotten back to the grindstone (and it feels good to work hard) but I think it will pay off. I have high hopes and expectations for Jr Band tomorrow, so look for an update. I also have to remember that many of them were in the musical, so they will be tired, and the equipment is just coming back so that will be a bit off putting. But then I get to hear the Sr Band after school.

Also, there's a chance I am going bear hunting soon. Not a metaphor. Spring bear season is here, and our new friends are hunters, and in this area, its just not a big deal. We can casually go hunting for the afternoon. It's a different world. And I like it.


RW said...

awesome to read the updates.

Victoria said...

oooh! bear hunting! it'd be so cool if you brought home a genuine bear skin rug. :D

Matthew Francis said...

Nice. I tanned a bear hide once : )