Dispatch 1. Cranbrook. pt 1.

And just like that, I am a public school teacher. I can't believe I got a full time (non-continuing) band/choir/music comp position. I know its the first day, and there's the whole honeymoon thing, but it really was blissful. A friend at church uses that word a lot, but in this case, he is exactly right. There is something so freeing about it being 'my program' as the VP's call it. It is far too late in the year to really do any new music, but we'll get a bit out there, and we'll sightread a bit, and it will be fun.

My colleagues at UVIC will be happy to know that the band is playing a band arrangement of a pieces from Wicked ( a musical, for those outside the circle) and my Dad will be happy to know that I am going to introduce Take Five, to the Jazz Band tomorrow.
I was really impressed with the tone of the brass in the grade 10 band. They blended well, it was a little bit glorious.

Oh, did I mention we found an apartment within a five minute ride of the school, and just up the hill from the skateboard park, which zeke is going to love. We saw 2 deer on the way home, and apparently they are everywhere.

(these thoughts are going to be scattered)

Poor Z. He's homesick. He's been quite sad and out of it. Thankfully the R's, (the family we stayed with when we got here) were SO hospitable, and their kids were really great for Z to play with. And they have an adorable little puppy, so he loved that. He was sad to leave their place too. So, its been tough on him because we prepared him so little. I don't know what else we could have done, I guess talked it up a bit more. Life goes on, and he gets treats. But he misses home, as do we.

The choir. An interesting situation, because they are doing mostly pop tunes. Which is cool, but I want to add some more serious music to their mix. The hard part is the concert choir is about 100 singers, and they do mostly 3 part stuff. But there are a number of very excited young people, which is, in turn, exciting.

I am also excited for vocal jazz, a much smaller group, and they are singing that song that is really popular right now “we are young” by a band called Fun. Its got a beautiful melody line, and rumour has it they are actually improvising harmonies. Something I have thought could be a good pedagogical tool since I was in high school.

All in all, as I said, it's bliss. The job anyway. Finding an apartment (2bdrm > six bennys) was a gong show, we almost rented a second floor hotel room, thought about living a half hour away, but now live a very short bike ride away from work. I think a tank of gas might last a month here.

Oh, and Elvis, tell everyone I say hi and that I miss them. 

Oh, did I mention how awesome the band/choir room is? Its amazing. Mac recording stations everywhere, with Reason installed on all of them, and a numark DJ controller, which I am excited to learn how to use. These kids have an education some colleges would be jealous of, which is why a number of them have scholarships to media programs at universities already. Its like a media/arts prep school. Oh and the musical is next week, so at lunch, for fun, they practiced their dancing and singing. FOR FUN.

My office? comes with an AMAZING set of recording gear, including sweet sweet studio monitors. cranked some muse today. 

It's still cold here. The mountains have lots of snow on them. And its cold. But I can ride my bike to work. (did I mention I work as a teacher? I can hardly believe it)

Does anyone want my seedlings? They are inside our house, I worry they will die soon. Such is life, but there are quite a few good starts. Tomatoes, sweet peas, peas, spinach, even tobacco. Our Garden has cauliflower, rhubarb chard, I'd love it if someone would water the garden, and maybe get the seedlings from the house. Talk to Gabe, he's got the key.

Miss you all a lot.


kimberley francis said...

Great report. Big hugs to you all!

Schmidty said...

Oh David, you are one amazing talented guy with so much enthusiasm. Go get 'em! Hope to see you guys May long weekend - seems so strange to say that. Just the idea of seeing you and your little family is awesome.

elizabeth said...

lots of new stuff here! may God bless and protect you and your family! It can take kids a bit of time to adjust to a new place...

Bethany said...

I'm in tears. I can't express how happy I am for you.

~ Jethro

Brook Jones said...

This facebook is different from the regular facebook. I can't find the "like" button. Do I just type it out?


Hope that worked.

RW said...

man the enthusiasm in your voice is a beautiful thing.

god bless you on this adventure.