Cranbrook Pt 3, the city

So, I am really beginning to like the city of cranbrook.
Sure, the architecture is largely modernist/70's functional boxes or slightly pretty victorian-esque homes, or even a few new developments near the edge of town that really aren't that great, but there are things about this place that I really like.

It's small.

There are deer everywhere, apparently Elk too.

I am sure there is good fishing really close by.

It's small.

A funny thing happened yesterday, I bought beer from the BC Liqour store, and I realized I hadn't been in one in months, because I usually pick up a bit of beer in the US when we buy gas. No longer close enough (nor do we drive enough to need cheap gas) It will be a while before we get back to the US.

I couldn't believe how expensive beer is. shocking.

Still loving work. trying to figure out what to do with myself because the amount of time spent on prep is all seemingly fun.

-learning Reason (recording choral music by myself with multi-tracking or creating dubstep)
-thinking about how to better communicate the meaning of pieces like bohemian rhapsody or we are young
-watching youtube videos of concert band pieces
-playing the piano

honestly, I can't believe I get paid to do this. It's a dream job, in a beautiful place. I just miss my beautiful people. come visit! or we'll see you in about 7 weeks.

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