Cranbrook Pt 2

Well, today things weren't as wide eyed and shiny, but still excellent. I did get to hear the vocal jazz group, and they are really really good. And, to my excitement, they were really hoping to sing for me in the stairwell, which is hilarious because its what we always used to do when I was younger. Echo-y Stairwells are a singers secret favourite place. Anyways, they are singing a bunch of pop but also some really cool music that I don't totally know how to categorize. The point is, they are really keen, and they work really hard. They are all there until 9 pm tonight, rehearsing the musical which is playing next week. Thankfully it is curricular, so it won't be cancelled. Same with the final concerts. Its funny, I jump in at the end of the year, they sound great, I basically give a few tweaks here and there, and that's all we will have time for.
Today, I introduced the Jazz Band to Dave Brubeck's (well, Paul Desmond wrote it) Take Five, a brilliant little piece in 5/4, and they took about ten minutes to settle into the groove, which really isn't long for that piece. The melody will take a little longer and a bit more pulling apart, but I am continually impressed. Basically it will be that much harder to get them to the next level. I think the next level for a lot of them will be consisten tone on sections that are very quiet, which means they are really good.

Oh, did I mention that recording studio that I get to play with and learn on? Its very intense.

and the two deer lounging about 20 feet from our window this evening? sleeping and every so often eating some grass. This town is like victoria, only smaller, and with better mountain biking. Oh yeah, some of my colleagues asked me to go mountain biking with their weekly bike ride. And today at lunch the staff choir met. They were brutal, but it was fun and a great way to meet some of them. I shouldn't say that, they weren't brutal, but they weren't really reading the notes.

It's still good. oh and we got a little couch/loveseat, and a bed, and a table. So we aren't totally without living equipment. What a weird thing we have done. Its a grand adventure, for sure.

keep us on your list,


TeresaAngelina said...

You are all on the list. Please watch out for cougars...the mountains around there have them. Deer and cougars...and bears. Those too.

elizabeth said...

thinking of you all; yes, what an adventure!