Cranbrook Part 6: Fernie

We visited Fernie today, and it was GOR.GEOUS
I have been to whistler, and Banff, and driven through the rockies numerous times, and maybe its because each had a different purpose, and today I knew I would come back soon to bike and perhaps to hunt, it felt different. I also went to clawhammer print shop and it was this amazing old world hand run printing press. I'll put a picture on facebook or flickr or something so you can see, it was amazing. I think that's part of it, the town was both hip and new as well as old and beautiful, and in the mountains, all at the same time. There are a number of 'miner's shack' houses, that are small and square and beautiful. I want one. We saw three different herds of Elk. Wild Elk. Elk really aren't that prevalent in many places, but they seemed quite common around here. It was wild.
We were at a local park, and 90% of the people riding bikes here (and there were many) were riding big full suspension bikes. Some looked like they could be all mountain or maybe cross country, but many were burly downhill bikes. There were a lot albertans here.
It is weird to know how far away we are from so many people we love. We are still in the same province, but only just. We are north of the Idaho Montana border.
So yes, the verdict is in, Fernie is beautiful.

We visited with my cousins who live in Lethbridge. My cousin is a city planner with a largish district based in lethbridge, and his wife is/was a music teacher too, so we had a great chat about the difference between teaching in alberta and BC. One large difference is the pay, approximately 10K more in alberta per year, at least. Funny thing is, being way out east here in BC, I already get a large bump over vancouver teachers, and the cost of living doesn't even come close to vancouver.

It's so hard to determine what to do. If I got a permanent job out here, would we stay? Likely, but for how long? We miss St Hermans, we miss our parents. We love being close to the grandparents for the kids sake and for ours. We like our families. That said, it can be hard to even get on a TOC list. I applied in Langley before we left and haven't heard a peep. I applied out here and had a job the day I was done my practicum, and an amazing job at that. So the question is, what is more important? I am coming to the conclusion that taking care of the family and having stability is good, but not just financial stability, right? What about church? Cranbrook is great, there is a tiny orthodox community there, but it really is so small that even though we like it, I have more friends in the new colleagues I have at school. They have been incredibly welcoming. Someone even gave us a beautiful brand new woven blanket (nothing to compare to T.A.H's gift for A) and it was such a beautiful gesture, and a lovely blanket. I feel so welcomed by the teachers here. and the students for that matter.

So the question remains, how do we decide where to live, and for how long. Is it work? Is it Church? Family? Is it different for different people? Different for different times in life?

In other news, I still absolutely love my job. This week we have been preparing for the final two events of the year, and things are going well. I am settling into a groove and finally began to take attendance, because I was given access to the electronic system, which as any current or recent teacher will know, is a complete and utter nightmare.

But we had some great moments in Choir this week, and the bands are continually impressive. The Sr Band is really good at the music they like, and not as motivated but still decent at the music they don't love. Motivation is a funny thing to navigate in a music program, especially in large classes. Thankfully it is one of the things I am pretty good at. Sometimes it covers the other areas that I lack.

Oh, here's the printing press, even a little video to show how it works. She was making coasters.
I can't imagine putting anything on something like this, but I guess that's what its for.

We miss you.

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Victoria said...

we miss you guys too. I'm glad it's going so well with your school. that's a real blessing, as is a full-time position so quickly! kudos.

as for staying or returning, it's a tough call.