Bizarre week/Z's first fish , Cranbrook Pt 4

This is a strange week, it is the week of the musical production, so all of my before and after school classes have been cancelled, which leaves me with about 6 hours of teaching time total this week. bizarre. Lots of time to prepare and to work on learning the Reason software, so that is good.

I also have time to take zeke fishing after school, normally classes end for me at 5pm, today I left at 2 and we went fishing and he caught his first fish! It was a great moment.

Here's a photo

I am digging this kootenay lifestyle, now to import some friends and relatives and a more permanent job...

I should clarify. I miss my friends and family, but what I am really enjoying is a chance to have some family time every day. During my practicum, family was almost nonexistent. Now, I get much more. The commute is shorter: from two hours daily to 10 minutes daily, and from daily prep at home to enough prep time at school to do more than I need to.

It's a good place we are in. (except the cheap apartment which we bought a little air filter for-but that's temporary)

Miss you all,


elizabeth said...

what a blessing in so many ways - esp. the family time and the first fish caught! :)

Matthew Francis said...

Way to go Zeke! Nice fish : )