Almost Done!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at STM, a great bunch of students, helpful encouraging teachers, and a wicked sense of school spirit. It was intense at the greek olympics the other day, I was surprised,

I will be sad to go but excited to start my own career, find a program to help or create or whatever.

I even have an interview already, for a short term post, so that's exciting. More details as they become available,

for now, my theme song for this year has come true, we made it, thank you for your support, many of you have heard me explain/whine through my story, and my lovely wife has made a deal with me which entails me ceasing my dwelling on the difficulties of last year's practicum. And, this one has been so healthy and healing, thank God. and thank you.

See you this saturday!


elizabeth said...

so glad! may God bless you with more good and healing things! :)

theresia said...

♥ well done! And, Mrs. P is right. Dwelling on unfortunate events of the past does not serve any constructive purpose. Take a deep breath and move on to the next phase in good spirits.