Don't Let...

Less than a month to go before I finish my practicum!
Still going well, learning lots,

I can't wait to see the Hunger Games, my students are raving about it.

Everything is so close! keep us in your prayers,


Spring Break!

It has been many years since I have been this excited for spring break.

I have been working my tail off making sure I am learning as much as possible and doing the things they are asking me to do. I am finding that I am learning a lot more, and it is largely due to the supportive nature of my teachers and my supervisor from UVIC. John White has been very specific and encouraging even when he is correcting mistakes that I have made. I find him to be an excellent educator, specifically due to his ability to take errors or difficult moments and boost my confidence by pointing out exactly where I went wrong and either what to do to correct it or how to find out how to correct it. He has given me more confidence every time he visits, regardless of the outcome of the lesson I teach, which I think shows that he really knows how to teach well.

I am looking forward to this break also because I will spend time with my family, who I have been neglecting a little, intentionally, to focus on this work. I do make time for them, but I will get a few days of uninterrupted time with them and that is priceless.
A is already growing and getting to be cute and pudgy, and Zeke notices when I am not there, especially if he doesn't get outside and burn some energy. I took him to the US the other day, which was cool, but it was a later in the evening venture. I can't wait til we can go biking on some local trails.

Pascha is closing in on us, and western easter means a 5 day weekend for me, so that's really sweet.
Really, I just want to get out there and do some work and start earning a paycheque again. Get ourselves back on the baby steps.

By the way, check out Coffee With Jesus, if you haven't seen it lately. I think its written by a jaded American Christian. It's a bit offensive at times, but nothing overtly heretical, mostly I think theologically sound, if a little irreverent. I think KL the mountain-dweller will especially appreciate this.

So far so good, when I get back I will have 5 weeks left, two of which are quite out of whack, so I feel like the homestretch is upon us. Lord have mercy,



I am currently applying for work as a TOC. I am looking forward to it very much. But part of the problem is where to apply, because I imagine that this will be close to a permanent move, at least which city we decide to settle in. The lower mainland is great because we all drive everywhere all the time. I love commuting. Especially across the port mann. But what I really want is to live in the neighbourhood where I teach. I think that would be great. If a little awkward to purchase beer, I think even that would be a good example, I think our high school students should be given positive examples of moderation, not hiding reality and creating a taboo which enables them to romanticize anything, alcohol included.

Tomorrow I get a chance to redeem my friday morning debacle. Other than that friday morning class, last week was pretty great, and I am looking forward to a break after this week.

It's weird to live in two worlds, where the school calendar is going to determine my life so much more than the church calendar. An interesting thought.


Practicum Update/Reflection

So I need to remind myself not to take everything personally, which is hard, because I am sensitive about teaching now, especially in this time where it is still somewhat uncertain. My teachers and mentor have been positive, in words and in writing, and my main sponsor teacher asked me to teach in his english 8 class next week, so that's really exciting, and it is a vote of confidence because it shows that he thinks I can spend a bit of time prepping for english classes instead of focusing only on music. So that is good, and it means that in general I am doing okay, or even well. But when I get vocal inflections that mean anything less than 'you are doing really well and improving every day' I take it personally and don't feel great about the whole situation. I haven't felt this vulnerable in a long while, and I am sure it is helpful and healthy in the long run, but right now its tough.
I am so tired. I fell asleep before seven pm tonight, while putting zeke to sleep and woke up sometime after 730, a weird time for a nap.
So now I need a mental break and am playing DMB as loud as my ears can handle and writing to all of you.
I am teaching Jr Band tomorrow morning, a class that by serendipity I haven't taught in about 3 weeks, which is almost an eternity. So I don't really know how to approach them because its been so long, but I have to do something. And I do have music to work on with them, which I am sure will be fun. I just wish I could be less afraid of the fact that I am being assessed. I know they have the best of intentions, its almost just the form of someone sitting there and assessing. The human psyche is fragile, or at least that part of mine is. At the same time, it is less and less so every day, thank God.

Tallis Scholars

I am going to seattle with my Dad to see the Tallis Scholars.

I am really, really excited.