I arrived at school this morning before the doors were open, and people live here.
But I like getting here early, especially because some days the teachers leave at the end of the school day.

I appreciate being at this school so much because it feels like such a supportive environment. I am teaching today and I have been this week, and it has gone well, according to my teachers. Today my FA is visiting and will evaluate me, and I am excited. I get to teach Sr. Band, and we are playing a piece called Foundry by John Mackey, who is a young enough composer to have a blog, which I read yesterday. An interesting fellow, almost typical for someone who is really really into music, but I like having read his blog and gotten a bit of an idea for who he is, I think it will help me approach the piece a bit differently, especially the middle section where it really gets into a groove. It's for found percussion and wind ensemble, and sounds uber industrial, except the middle section which really gets into a rockfish shuffle. Anyways, its very cool and the students really dig it. And so do I.

Our 4th Anniversary was yesterday, I can't believe its been four years, it really doesn't feel like it, but I suppose that is partly due to my amazing wife, and partly due to the fact that we recently moved back to where I used to live before I got married. I guess the only difference is another degree and a couple of kids and a variety of life experience. nbd.


RW said...

happy anniversary. wow.
4 years.

elizabeth said...

blessings on your 4th year! so glad for the much better school experience! that's really great!