Here are a couple of cents worth of thoughts.

1. I'll be happy to make money teaching young people about music. What an opportunity.
2. I'll gladly have smaller classes and not worry about a raise compared to before
3. I'll stick with the current wages so I can stay in BC
4. I'll happily teach classes over the normal limit, because I will be doing music
-Also, it looks like classes over the specified limit may mean more compensation, I think this makes some sense, i.e., if I am teaching 90 kids at once, as a music class, it is possible to do, It might be worth more than 30 kids at once. Not that its 3X as valuable, but more compensation would be fair or fine with me.
5. If I was at the table, I would be okay with no raise, but I would definitely want a law regarding class size, especially seeing the history where the government just took it away after it was already bargained and agreed on.

Too much lack of trust exists, but as John McComb said on CKNW yesterday, everyone works hard, and a huge majority of people are agreeing not to take wage increases this time around  because the economy is in the toilet. Alright, fair enough. Maybe another thing to do would be have some sort of student loan forgiveness included for new teachers. (just a thought)

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