It's going well. I can't believe I seriously considered not even starting this. It has healed so many of the acidic feelings of the last year.

I hope I never see my high school band teacher again, and if I do I will not pretend to like him or be nice, but at this point the damage that they did seems temporary, and perhaps even still for good in the end, of course in one of those ways that I will never be able to know about. Lord have mercy.

And my piano playing, which was an issue, is better.

And while the bitterness subsides, I am still not over it completely, it's a deep scar.

But the students at STMC are amazing, and the teachers are fantastic. They know their stuff, and they have such a healthy, balanced approach to teaching. I think the students are learning so much about music and about life in a good way. It is also a school with a really healthy atmosphere, very collegial and very supportive. To the extent that I often do an internal double take regarding their mutual support (the students)

Its really nice to be a part of, even briefly.

IN other news, Amelia is gaining weight nicely, and a few folks have brought us supper which has been helpful because L is home alone all day with two little ones, and I get home and just want to play with the kids, so its nice. thank you !

And theophany this weekend! 4 years since Laurenn was baptized. coming up on our 4th anniversary, which is kind of surprising, it really doesn't feel that long ago.


theresia said...

Yay, for the modelling of a healthy, balanced approach to teaching! I am so glad you are experiencing the profession in this way, as it should be. And, as a consequence of good teaching, you are also experiencing very different student attitudes... such a relief. And this will bring out the BEST in YOU! So glad your bitterness is being pushed aside; soon, it will be gone, filed under "life's trials". You will move on...and succeed.♥ to you and your family

Lil'M said...

That's wonderful news, Daveed. So glad you have found a place to be hale & whole and have the freedom to breathe into your teaching shoes. May it continue to amaze you (in good ways) and help to heal the wounds of the past.

elizabeth said...

I hope it will continue to go well! I know the pain of toxic work places and others better ones are pretty sweet. so happy about your little newly born treasure! many years for the two 4 yr anniversaries!

Victoria said...

I am so glad to hear how well it's going. and I can't wait to meet Amelia.

RW said...

This is so good. I am heartened.