I love our St. Herman's community so much, and the comments from the last post are a part of that, I much appreciate you all.

So good to be among friends today, to have our whole family at church (as much as a young family can be at church)

took zeke to the river with everyone to do the blessing of water for theophany, zeke rode his bike everywhere and loved it.

I have felt more high strung than usual lately, which is weird, usually I am pretty calm, and I don't know why. As though things have to be 'just so' but they don't, and it will be ok.

I recently ran out of space in my journal, so I am waiting the next one's arrival in the mail. I found a beautiful cavallini and co journal on amazon for a steal, so that's great. but in the meantime the hamsters on blogger get a better workout while I muse here instead of on paper.

Spiritual discipline is either terribly elusive or looks completely different than I expected it to look, after having seen an obviously effective form of it in Gibsons. I know I am not as intentional as they are, but at the same time I know there is a measure of self denial in the everydayness of life, and perhaps not recognizing it is how it works in us. That said, this healing process is strange, because I had no idea how broken I was inside about the whole teaching thing. I. Love. Teaching. love it. so much so that I know I will be good at it and want to get better at it, and this desire to do it well comes from somewhere so deeply intrinsic that it doesn't matter what I get paid, (which is a big problem I think, teachers are highly undervalued by society, sadly, because the passionate commitment that many have enables low-ish pay)
but as long as its enough, I will be happy to have the opportunity to form minds, shape world views, and hopefully help young people become adults in a way that benefits our society, when so many are just happy with bread and circus. (did I mention I am excited for the hunger games?)

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Victoria said...

I honestly do believe that you will be an amazingly fantastic passionate caring funny memorable teacher . I really do. you have chosen a good path.