picking education battles

I have realized something in the past week.
Education, specifically music education, requires one to learn the wisdom of picking one's battles. If I were to stop the band/choir every time they made a mistake and try to fix it right away, not much would get done. I know on the face of it it sounds obvious. However, in the past I used to think (not consciously) that I had to stop and point out each mistake, because I needed everyone to know that I had really good listening skills and I could hear when the saxophones were out of tune (most of the time) which is really unfortunate because it reflects a selfish approach. Instead I want students to have the most efficient and worthwhile learning opportunities, which will happen when I know how best to approach the classroom, the piece, the concept, where it is not about perfecting every detail in the moment but about allowing some discovery, and being available to support learning when students are not following or learning well.

I don't know how I will approach classroom management, because I traditionally have thought I would be tyrannical about silence like some of my mentors were because it was effective, and I still think it can be a really important aspect of the classroom discipline, but I am not sure. I think a balanced approach where there is a time for socializing, specifically in a music classroom, is allowed for the group to forge an identity. However, I think it being designated may be a good way, because then the teacher can still control the time spent in class, and the students are still able to chat, it just has to be managed carefully.

I think being a music teacher has as much to do with administration and team leadership as it does with content knowledge and skill.

Did I mention I am really enjoying this? I am. I am so thankful to God for where we are.

I probably whine sometimes, but my life is far better than I deserve. grace doesn't even begin to describe it. When I think about it properly, my cup is overflowing with good things.

Hopefully I can live in gratitude.



A friend from university did this recently. It's gone viral, I'm pretty proud to name drop, but you can see that he did a good job for yourself.

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.



I love our St. Herman's community so much, and the comments from the last post are a part of that, I much appreciate you all.

So good to be among friends today, to have our whole family at church (as much as a young family can be at church)

took zeke to the river with everyone to do the blessing of water for theophany, zeke rode his bike everywhere and loved it.

I have felt more high strung than usual lately, which is weird, usually I am pretty calm, and I don't know why. As though things have to be 'just so' but they don't, and it will be ok.

I recently ran out of space in my journal, so I am waiting the next one's arrival in the mail. I found a beautiful cavallini and co journal on amazon for a steal, so that's great. but in the meantime the hamsters on blogger get a better workout while I muse here instead of on paper.

Spiritual discipline is either terribly elusive or looks completely different than I expected it to look, after having seen an obviously effective form of it in Gibsons. I know I am not as intentional as they are, but at the same time I know there is a measure of self denial in the everydayness of life, and perhaps not recognizing it is how it works in us. That said, this healing process is strange, because I had no idea how broken I was inside about the whole teaching thing. I. Love. Teaching. love it. so much so that I know I will be good at it and want to get better at it, and this desire to do it well comes from somewhere so deeply intrinsic that it doesn't matter what I get paid, (which is a big problem I think, teachers are highly undervalued by society, sadly, because the passionate commitment that many have enables low-ish pay)
but as long as its enough, I will be happy to have the opportunity to form minds, shape world views, and hopefully help young people become adults in a way that benefits our society, when so many are just happy with bread and circus. (did I mention I am excited for the hunger games?)



It's going well. I can't believe I seriously considered not even starting this. It has healed so many of the acidic feelings of the last year.

I hope I never see my high school band teacher again, and if I do I will not pretend to like him or be nice, but at this point the damage that they did seems temporary, and perhaps even still for good in the end, of course in one of those ways that I will never be able to know about. Lord have mercy.

And my piano playing, which was an issue, is better.

And while the bitterness subsides, I am still not over it completely, it's a deep scar.

But the students at STMC are amazing, and the teachers are fantastic. They know their stuff, and they have such a healthy, balanced approach to teaching. I think the students are learning so much about music and about life in a good way. It is also a school with a really healthy atmosphere, very collegial and very supportive. To the extent that I often do an internal double take regarding their mutual support (the students)

Its really nice to be a part of, even briefly.

IN other news, Amelia is gaining weight nicely, and a few folks have brought us supper which has been helpful because L is home alone all day with two little ones, and I get home and just want to play with the kids, so its nice. thank you !

And theophany this weekend! 4 years since Laurenn was baptized. coming up on our 4th anniversary, which is kind of surprising, it really doesn't feel that long ago.


The Hunger Games//Practicum

I can't wait for this movie.  

 And Tomorrow I start my practicum. Nervous and Excited.  Lord have mercy.