Choral Music for Mixed Voices

I think what I really would like to do this new year is start a mixed voice choir. I would like to invite anyone who currently sings in the St. Hermans Church Choir to be a part of it, (and if you aren't and want to sing, let's chat, I'm not a tyrant-except during rehearsals) and I would like to do sacred music that is not from the Orthodox tradition. I will post a few examples below.

This will be for people who love to sing and want to learn more.

Some of the pieces I would like to sing include things like:

How, when and if this happens depends on a few things, not least of which includes interest. If we had six people that would be enough, but more would be welcome. Perhaps every two weeks (opposite my current choral commitments) or on sundays, or...we'll see.

If you read this, and are interested, let me know on a sunday.

Obviously we are also about to have a baby, so this won't be top of my mind for the next few weeks, but I was thinking January would be a good time to start something like this.

I also appear to be starting a second practicum in January/February, so that may also preclude this starting too soon, but I do want to move it from the back burner to a more front and centre burner.

looking forward to a festive glass with you all soon,

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