had chickens. I was wrong about bylaws, so had to give them back. we traded them for some eggs, and we'll get them back when we move. I love living at the church, but am sad not to have them. This morning, while chasing them to get them together to go, I found a nest where they had laid 15 eggs that I had not found. I used to search for them just in case, but mostly they laid in the coops I built, which was gratifying. Recently I have felt success in my living off the land endeavours. I had chickens, they were happy. I caught four pink salmon, smoked two of them and have baked two others (yum!) I recently harvested more hops than I could ever use from a wild vine I found at work.


Victoria said...

well that sucks. bylaws are good, but sometimes make no sense. we had a 'covenant' on our mortgage agreement that said no clotheslines for 10 years. 10 YEARS!! stupid uppity wannabe neighbourhood. well it's been 11 and I've got my clothesline.
it's ridiculous to be using a clothes dryer on hot sunny days.

sorry about the chickens.

RW said...

me too.
sorry about the chickens.