three exclamation marks!!! just like archie comics!!! WE HAVE THREE CHICKENS!!!

www.flickr.com/photos/pasivirta should get you to a couple of pictures of our three lovely hens, who are currently resting after a stressful transition. I think they might see their house as a bit too small, I imagine I will enlarge it soon, I thought it would be big enough, and I am sure it will suffice in the short term, but it does seem to be just barely enough for the three of them.
we have to rhode island reds and a white chicken of sorts, and they are all large and laying hens.
I am excited.

I also have many new audiobooks to listen to at work this week, as well as pimsleurs russian mp3s. thanks V for the idea.

I just hope the chickens can get used to the noise of our place, the road is noisy, much noisier than their previous digs out in aldergrove.

oh, and looks like I may have found a practicum for the fall, will keep you posted on the specifics when it is more certain.

Z has a new habit, sleeping on the floor, imagine if it was a precursor to monasticism. hilarious. we were at the monastery this weekend for the feast, it was glorious, we even had a rare minute (literally) to visit with them after friday vespers. I miss them, but they seem much healthier now that they don't have an inundation of visitors. Good for them, and if we believe in prayer, good for us too.

Missed K at church today, apparently he is ill. I finally mowed half of the lawn, Z loved being on the riding mower.


TeresaAngelina said...

Very nice to have met Blanche and the Crew...such well behaved chickens.

Victoria said...

wv: layed.

no joke. :)

kudos on the russian!! we must practice ensemble! and with the many lovely russians at church.