Summer? Work/School/Church

I became orthodox about 6 years ago now, I am shocked its been so long, though Zeke is two and a bit and I thought it was last week that Laurenn and I met. Time has been going faster, and I know I posted this idea before, but the older we get the faster time goes, because a year in a 30 year old's life is only 1/30th of a year, but in a 10 year old's life, it is much longer, therefore slower.
It feels like things are going to be ok. I have never been as emotionally devastated in life as by failing practicum. I haven't lost any people very close to me, thankfully, (in case you wondered) but this has been trying.
I sometimes lie awake at night, remembering all of the ways in which those responsible for me shirked their responsibilities, and how I want to leave flaming bags of feces on their doorsteps for the rest of their days. in fact, what a great business idea for entrepreneurially minded rebellious teens...
anyways. What really irks me is that nobody has even once acknowledged that there might have been an error on the part of anyone other than me. I fully admit that I need to learn things, and that there were things that didn't work well. But, this was a relationally difficult situation that had many more than two sides, and if it had been entirely my fault, it should have been evident from the beginning, but they didn't tell me until the final week. clearly I am still angry.

in other news, my garden is growing well, despite being in pots, and soon it will be transplanted to Langley, which makes me happy. I love vancouver, and all of my vancouver people, and I really dearly cherish how close we are to my parents, but it will be good to live closer to a church. really close. and we'll have a real yard, and garden space too.

I like the cool weather, because summer is all about work. When I am old I will relax.

I miss the monks, I really have been moving so constantly and I really want to slow down, but it seems like we can't afford it. not just financially, but because L has been so sick (and is feeling much better these days, which is great) I have been going at full blast for a long time and it is now a habit. Time to slow down is rare and difficult to force myself to take. especially because I feel insecure about my practicum in the fall, a bit anyways, so I practice piano every spare moment (of which there are few, as anyone with a toddler will tell you)

We got Z a little Run bike, and he loves it. Its great.

L and I had a little getaway to whistler a little while back, that was really nice. it was slower, breathing time. we won a radio contest on shore 104.3 which is a cool station. I even got to meet Bill Courage, a longtime favourite DJ of mine, who has an AMAZING voice. and he's funny.

Incidentally, we are selling our Digital SLR, if any of you intrepid readers are interested in a Sony a200 camera, let me know.

Also, I get to work for Bert Vane again, which is kind of cool. I like working outside.

Being an adult sure is tiring.

Sometimes I think I should eventually become an education professor so I can make sure that what happened to me never happens to anyone (at least in a small sphere of influence) because it really was unnecessary. That said, I really am done with school.

oh! and I have recently started listening to Dave Ramsey podcasts, he's an american evangelical radio host who talks a lot about money, and his schtick is all about being debt free, and I really like that idea, so I think it is helping shift my worldview about money. We, like Greece, are implementing austerity measures, but don't plan on rioting. just whinging a bit.


public again

Soooo, going back to the public domain. flip flopping, sure.

did I mention that Zeke is cute?



The fact that people in vancouver a) take hockey so seriously and b) feel so entitled makes me sick.