practicum pt 2


I spoke with the Dean today, and they said that I can redo my practicum in september, which is nice, because Laurenn is due in December, and I know that trying to do a practicum with an infant would be a bad idea. hard enough with a toddler, but two young kids? sheesh.
I do have to pay for it, the reports are damning enough that they see my lesson planning as a threat to my ability to teach. I worked quite hard at improving the way I did planning throughout the practicum, and my lesson plans improved drastically. Not enough they said.

So perhaps we try again in September. now to find work for the summer, which I had been waiting to do because I thought I would be finding more permanent work outside the education field. It is not all decided, Laurenn is too sick to carry on much of a conversation, but this 'seems best to us and to God' (as it were) so I suspect that is how it will play out.

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elizabeth said...

wow. sorry I missed a few posts Dave... since the feed reader wont pick it up ... will make more effort to stop by to look for new posts.

What a hard thing to go through. There was lots of miscommunication in the time up to me being laid off from my last 'full time' job ... (which truth be known, they are looking again for someone for my old job, Lord have mercy)...

hard place to be in. I guess I am in it too but different. How exciting for baby # 2 but hard for L. to be so sick :( Will pray for L. about this and for your job search. Hang in there. God promises not to leave us.