Existentialism and the Womb

So, this is a little from left field, but here it is.

If life starts in the womb, then it makes sense that the soul is educated about boundaries as safety early on, because the person who is being developed in safety and security is surrounded by a loving boundary of life giving person. The person is the boundary, and it is existentially impossible to break that boundary.
If life however, starts outside the womb, there is no such thing as a boundary in the context of the first developments of the human, but merely the terror of brightness, or something, and if so, why should a baby cry, there is nothing to have experienced before birth.
Community is also inextricable from existence, the person cannot function without a) the boundary and b) the other who is giving and sustaining. The loving mother, careful one who suffers her own body for the process.

(musings from pregnancy)

See you tomorrow, or this morning!

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