we live in vancouver. I can't wait to actually live in vancouver. we move in on the 31st. I am so tired. manual labour is good but so tiring. we have had VIBeisbock for breakfast every day this week (at work, not my parents house) and its fun, but I think its going to lose its charm after the fourth day. I look forward to having Prof. P at our house for Christmas. Also I think I get to see JR tomorrow, which is cool.
Also looking forward to being at school, can't wait!


Almost Done/Ode to Victoria

Well, we are almost done here. I have lived here for just a little more than three years, and its been beautiful. I love Victoria, its pretty, its clean, its small. The gardens here are amazing, people have so much time to garden. Its inspirational. It really is quite clean, I understand why people come here to visit and just look around, its comfortable and feels safe. It's small enough that maybe once a week I see someone I know on the street or on the bus or driving a bus. more often in the summer when I was working downtown, but its not rare to see someone I know without intending to. Its nice.

There's a funny phenomenon here, where when you live in victoria, driving 45 minutes seems like an insane amount of time to spend in your car, unless you are leaving and returning to civilization. What I mean is, when you drive for 45 minutes, you are likely or required to pass through land that is likely to have Elk or Bears living there and not humans. Whereas when you drive 45 minutes in vancouver, its just not a big deal. a switch is flipped and its no problem to drive 45 minutes even to get cheaper gas, cheese and milk (across the border anyway)

of course I will miss the ocean. I know its not that far when I am in vancouver either, but in esquimalt, we could walk across the street and be at the ocean. It was pretty great. there were often seals playing in the water a couple hundred yards from our window. too bad we had a hedge.

I will miss my people from UVIC, but I won't really miss UVIC itself. Its way too left wing for anyone's good. All of the policies that are rooted in some well meaning desire for equality and social justice have made a mess of things. My building, Maclaurin, used to have a Tim Hortons inside it. INSIDE MY BUILDING. now we have a little crapateria that has mediocre food that costs more than tim hortons. granted the coffee is better, but that's not saying much. And don't get me started on the UVSS and their other policies.

Some of my professors have been great, and some have been found wanting. I think I received a decent education here, so that's good.

I will also miss the kabuki kabs job that I had in the summers. That was a lot of fun.

Most of all, I will miss our church. All Saints has become our home, and I will be sad to leave it. We will be back no doubt, but its still a sad thing to do. Zeke was born and baptized here, took his very first steps while in church on a sunday morning during a homily, the four of us who noticed were astonished and very excited. I like that it was in church that he took his first steps.