Students, Bullying, Homophobia and Christian Charity

I don't know if this is exactly right, but I hope so. This is a blog post in support of Gay Rights, despite my conservative Christian values.

Christians should be the first to defend anyone who is being unfairly treated, regardless of the reason. There have been a few students lately who have committed suicide due to being picked on in school. killed themselves. dead. This seems to be more likely in america, but no doubt we canadians are no better at defending those who get picked on. I am a Christian, and Christians take certain things for granted (broad strokes are impossible, I know but so be it)
One of the things we take for granted is that God created, and God created with intent. certain things have certain uses, purposes if you will. Sexuality and Gender is way too big for one blog post, millions of litres of ink have been spilled, and I don't intend to explain clearly the orthodox position on gender and sexuality, except to say that we take the bible seriously and can't get away from the truth that homosexual activity is not what God intended when he made people.


I think it is more important for Christians of any stripe to BE THE FIRST to defend people, whether they are gay, straight, unsure, of some visible ethnic minority or majority, mean, nice, wealthy, poor, etc etc etc from such stupidity as bullying.
Especially with young people who are struggling with their sexuality, such as being a teenager and LGBT, we need to be as loving as is humanly possible. Yes, I am being a bit didactic, but I think the church has failed miserably in extending our loving arms to everyone. we say that the church is a place where everyone is accepted, except 'the gays'.

here's my ideal situation. I have a job (lets pretend best case scenario here, right?) at a high school, and at said high school there is a christian fellowship club, they meet at lunch hour, and a gay/straight alliance club, also meeting at lunch hour. The Christian club gets together and they say "hmmm, how can we let our fellow students know that we love them even if we are ideologically in opposition to them?" "I know, lets go to their meeting, and tell them that we are sorry for the horrible acts of christians in the past, and that we will do what we feel we can to support them as people" "what would that look like?"
"well...I don't know, I don't think I could do the gay pride parade, that might be too much, but I want to make sure that other christians don't challenge their right to have the parade" "what else" "hmmmm, well, we could tell them that we support the reality that everyone should have the same legal rights"

Or something. I really don't know, but what I do know is that God loves everyone. Gay, straight, whatever, and its not fair to the gay community that they keep on getting put down in the name of our Loving God because they are sinners. because dammit so are we. and pointing fingers really will just keep us from being able to see our own sin, which really, from your point of view should be more important than pointing out someone else's.

honestly? What would Jesus do? would he bully kids because they were gay? no way. would he defend them and love them? yes.

Love your Neighbour


Victoria said...

so good d.

I was in a class the other day where I had to show this video, then lead a class discussion on it. heavy stuff.


Victoria said...

doesn't show up properly.

its joel burns.
"it gets better"

just youtube it. you'll find it.

(then listen to brian regan "stupid in school"... this is was we ended the class with... the 'light' to balance the 'heavy')

Adam said...

"How can we let our fellow students know that we love them even if we are ideologically in opposition to them?"

Great post. This is something I've been struggling to figure out myself over the last several months. I'm convinced that the Church does them wrong, but I still can't figure out what it looks like to do right by them. Jesus hung out with prostitutes, but he also told them to stop sinning. How can we accept them and love them while condemning something so closely tied to their identity as sexuality?

Adam said...

Here's a recent post on the same subject, prompted by a recent episode of "Glee". I found it interesting, ESPECIALLY the discussion in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts.


ikanspel4u said...

Just passing through your blog and stopped to read your post. Thank you. I wish more conservative Christians realized that the true essence of the religion is based on acceptance and charity not just of money but of spirit and love. Good for you.