Loving It!

I am loving being in the school, the students are great, my sponsor teacher is great, and my principal is great. I am helping set up an FB page for the school, and the Principal is grateful, so that is cool. He is hoping to get closer to the students by using FB to communicate with them, not personally, but as an organization. I think its a great first step.

Also, I can't wait for my family to come home, I miss them so much. I have been busy, visiting around here and there, but I miss them so much. so much.

It was really good to spend time in the valley this weekend, I look forward to living in Vancity, but I also am glad to see my old friends when I get to. Its great.

Also, T and B are coming home soon, which is exciting.

and if you like Ben Harper, and folk music at all, listen to Fistful of Mercy. Its amazing.

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cherry.bomb said...

Hey! i think the the whole idea of using FB to connect with students is a fantastic idea! I'm currently a college student myself and i wish they would do more to get involved with the students like that here.