GLEE and pedagogy-methods

While the TV show, GLEE, is entertaining, I worry that it will change the way young people think about music in schools.

Its not like that.


mujalifah said...

but it has to be like that now.

Little Macrina said...

i read your response on BUZZ too Dave. perhaps GLEE isn't forming a mini culture of soloists, but reflecting the self-glorification that is so prominent in the world. LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT WHAT I DO! LOOK AT HOW BRILLIANT AND TALENTED I AM! it's not surprising that the awe and joy and sonorous wonder that comes from group (aka - choral) singing is being easily replace. you blend too quickly into the mass - who will notice you when you create one voice with everyone around you?

admittedly, i completely and utterly adore singing in choirs - partially for the ambiguity, but there is something magical and other-wordly when all the voices come together on one chord or note or phrase and you cannot even tell there are multiple voices, but it is one single unanimous sound that rises up - it's like ... like... i don't know! it's like GOD - full and complete and whole and radiant.

wow... look what you've done. it's a shame i am not in a choir anymore. miss those days. miss those times. miss the beauty of creating music and the struggle to make it awesome.

Mr. P said...

yeah, I think if God has a voice, it is the voice of the people he created, and it sounds like many people singing together. not always easy listening either. anyways.