soup sunday

Once upon a time, there were a group of people who converted to orthodoxy, it was circa 2005, and it was a variety of young folks, some single, some not, and we all found orthodoxy as the antidote to a variety of ills.
Sundays, we absorbed church like water found in a desert, and stayed until the person with a key locked the doors, and then we went to S. Ketel's house on eastleigh, where we watched slow but beautiful films like atanarjuat, and ate beer battered fish and drank beer. Once, Iearned how to appreciate fine whiskey, thank you Mr. Z. we enjoyed spending the whole day together, talking about orthodoxy, and other things that were new, talking about TWU, and things past, and the future, about living geographically close so this sort of thing would happen more often.
Today, we had a few friends over, new and old, for soup. not a big deal, but it was nice. some of us have kids, some have homework, so we didn't stay long into the evening, which makes sense, but it was so good to have people over, to eat soup and to spend time together. there was homebrew, truth serum (in vino...veritas?) curried chick pea soup, and bread, and rain.
Such a good time, a fall day, people, comfort food, spiced tobacco. the kids played together, and we talked.
what is it about being together that makes an afternoon so good? why do we like being in community?
I think it has to do with manifesting the church, the presence of God. when we are together, and we extend hospitality and friendship, we make real the love that God extends to us, and we recreate (recreation?) that reality. we make it real. I love it, and just as we prepare to move again in a few months, I feel at home in this community. every community has its strengths and weaknesses, no doubt, and as they say, you can never go home. I will be sad to leave, and happy to return (in both senses) but today was good. so good.

I can't wait for tuesday. a whirlwind trip, but how exciting, and momentous. not for us, but to witness the next chapter.

God is so good to us, we have more than we need, and are so loved. so loved. we have our quirks, and our difficult moments, and that is life. Thank God for difficulty, and Lord have mercy, because even though so much is worse for so many others, we might not be able to handle more.

I am so excited for Killarney, so excited. east van, here we come! (that said, we have no idea where we will live-but we're excited)