Well, Its been a while, again, and lots has happened.

so, we didn't get a new car after all, long story. we moved, we now live near some good friends from church, but much farther from the ocean. I doubt we'll ever live that close to the ocean again, and I am glad we spent lots of time at the park across the street, but I wish I had spent more time there.
and our yard was lovely, my garden was great. I had such fun with it. I dismantled part of it, and when I went back to get the BBQ the other day, I saw that deer had eaten my tomato plants. sad. ah well. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun, so I will have a better garden next year. better planned anyway. we did eat lots of peas from the garden, which was very satisfying. I think the tomatoes would have been great too had we stuck with it (not moved house)

Kabuki Kabbing has been going well, I took some time off for the assembly, to visit those who came for it, and then we moved, and now I have been home sick for three days. Stomach flu or something. not fun. couldn't work if I wanted to, can't eat nearly enough solid food for the energy I would need. soon enough.

and honestly? I can't wait for school to start. I heard that my cousin was saying the same thing, over in London Ontario, and I was so proud to hear that he had said that, I had no idea he was such a keener, wants to be an archaeologist. probably looking for proof that God doesn't exist, he's a fundamentalist atheist (sort of) anyway. I am proud of him for doing so well in school.
I am so excited to finally get into the classroom and start working with young people on music, I have so many ideas.

oh, and so my friend is in this band, and there's a choir out there who did a choral version of one of his songs, and I think that must be one of the highest compliments, to have someone do an acapella version of your music. I look forward to doing some of their music with my students.

and here's another thing, I think that I might not have a large jazz band program, but instead do popular music. I mean, of course having jazz band is important, but why not have kids working in a style they like, can relate to, and might make money at.

I look forward to having weekly live productions of some sort, teaching the kids all aspects of producing shows, of any sort. Art shows, music shows, theatre, etc. look at me, producing a bunch of entertainers, cause that's what we need more of.

really, I just want to teach choir, and teach kids how to make a decent living even if what they love doing is likely to leave them starving aimless artist types for most of their 20's until they realize they need money and go off and work at a bank somewhere.

And there's nothing wrong with working at a bank, I often applied to banks, and never was hired. I find employment in the strangest ways.

Did I mention we are moving to Vancouver in January for my practicum? we are, and we are excited. though we don't know where yet. hopefully east van, perhaps south van close to my parents. we'll see. It depends on where my practicum is.

I find less time for reflection lately, perhaps it is the summer harvest that keeps us busy, perhaps it is my getting older that gives me a list of things I would prefer not to reflect on. In either case, I hope to visit Gibsons for liturgy, it has been far too long.


elizabeth said...

Going to monastic places always helps in the long run, I find. hoping you feel better soon...

RW said...

Sounds like you have good plans. We look forward to seeing you all more often.

It is sad that you had to leave the tomatoes behind.

I hope someone is watering mine.