summer is here

its warm, so much so that the house where I work is hot during the day, and hard to cool down at night.
we got a new car, new to us anyway, its a little SUV, hyundai tucson. its pretty cool, though buying a car is always a hassle. they could make it so much easier, but I guess its how things go.
I miss the monks, I think I have come to what might be a realization, maybe its an interpretation, but here goes.

Monks, dedicate their lives to the purest form of prayer and fasting possible. Their goal is to pray and be really good at it. As a married person, my goal is still to end up becoming holy, but its such a different process, that maybe its okay if it looks different. I don't want to justify laziness, but man, having a family, being in school and working makes it hard to focus on the ascetic practices I so wanted to engage in when I first found orthodoxy, and was single, and not working very much. gosh, I don't even have the energy to think about these things that much.

but I did read a great book recently, Atheist Delusions, but David Bentley Hart, go and buy it and read it. its fantastic.

pedicabbing is going well, so is my garden, the peas are huge, and the tomato plants seem to be doing ok. I need to look up how to deal with tomato plants, I realize I may be watering them a bit much. we'll see.

zeke is chatting away, words like book, truck, up, and a few more, and he responds when I say 'sing' by singing on an 'oo' vowel, its precious, and exciting. he likes the piano too. also, in the morning, we are watching world cup soccer together, and he loves to say 'ball' and watch it on tv, and then we kick it together. its really fun. I say 'ball' and he either gets the ball or goes to the tv. now he only needs a vuvuzela.

(I just wanted an excuse to type that word)


elizabeth said...

well, i think a true Monk would never think they are 'good' at prayer!


I am slowly reading Fredrica Matthews-Green's book on and titled _The Jesus Prayer_ - I highly recommend it. She has really given us a jewel in this book - a synthesis of her own reading and an understading and way of articulation of how to practice living in ways that can bring the desired practices to us.

Met. Kallistos Ware helped her with this book as well; really is a good one!

Your post reminded me of Fr. Thomas Hopko saying, in his 55 maxims, pray as you can not as you wish you could...

I recently asked my spiritual father over one of our church Sunday lunches about what it means to have / practice apathia, which is part of what ascetism brings etc, as you know. He said some very simple and practical things - like in church stand still to train the body to be still inside; go to church when you would rather sleep in; forgive quickly.

so I was encouraged that we too can do things in the midst of our often busy lives...

I think that by being married and having a son ultimately you will have a better chance of gaining the spiritual disciples you want because it will actually have to be a discipline instead of something you have the time to do because you have lots of time on your hands! Blessings on your weekend!!

Enjoy your garden and hearing your on chattering as he learns more words! what blessings!

RW said...

welcome to my life - and I mean that in the most sincerest and kindest way possible...

looking forward to having your physical presence with us

Victoria said...

ah! we just saw br.Moses and br.Samuel. we dropped off a bundle of stuff for them on our way up the sunshine coast to do some camping. they looked well. and exuberant to see us. aren't they gracious? I leave the monastery feeling a little bit lighter than when I came. of course we did not go in as they are in a dedicated seclusion, but they came out to greet us.

oh, and a note about tomatoes, they are a vining plant, so like any vining plant, they like to get dry between waterings, and they don't like to stay wet. so over-watering will definitely kill them.
and take it from this darwinist-gardener (only the strong survive!), roma tomatoes are the only way to go. they are hardy, don't mind if you don't stake them, and keep producing and producing and producing.
bonne chance!