surf is up

Apparently I AM going to surf in Tofino this week.
we just got back, it was fantastic. we stayed with my parents, who were very excited to see us, but of course overjoyed to spend a few days with the zeke, even if he was waking up super early. they had a blast with him, and by the end he was mumbling something that resembled ge'ma or something. he loved being with them. and they certainly loved having him. They had been given the use of a beautiful home right ON chesterman north, short walk (5 minutes) to the wickaninnish inn. yeah. bad-ass.
so we watched surfers play in the waves for a while, and my mom said something like 'its a shame to be so close and not go in the water' and I replied that I just had expected not to go this time around. we were all pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, my mom suggested I go, I checked with the boss, and it was great. I went and got a board and a wetsuit, (a real beginners board, for once, finally) from LIVE TO SURF (the place to rent in Tofino, don't be deceived) and was in the water in less than half an hour from leaving the house. And this cabin, it was gorgeous, open plan, three bedrooms, ocean views everywhere. So I surfed for a few hours, checked to see if my half of the family had woken up yet, they were still sleeping, perfect, back in the water! I finally had learned to get up on the board. I have been surfing six times now, and I have finally gotten up on a board.
I love boards. I have spent most of my life skateboarding and my teenaged years in pursuit of money to go snowboarding, and both of those activities are, to my knowledge, as close as people can get who don't live near waves. I grew up knowing that I loved skateboarding and snowboarding, but if I had the chance, surfing would be it, for sure. and honestly? finally catching a good number of waves, getting up on the board? I was right, those videos, when you see someone riding the waves, it is exactly as fun as it looks, possibly more fun.
There are places where Dolphins come and surf with you, because they like to have fun too. Lord have mercy.
but then, like everything, what is the point? I guess fundamentally, what is the point of recreation? I think if I were really honest with myself, I should prefer sitting in silence and watching empty waves (no surfers) and contemplate my sin or the beauty of life. But as a good friend said recently (a photog from seattle) when we live in the world, and we find our calling in the pursuit of beauty, then it is our duty to live an epicurean life, not of excess, but to know what is beautiful and why and how to capture and recreate and give away that beauty, and to frame it to reveal its Source, perhaps. anyways, He said it a bit better, but it was a good thought.
I am so excited about my practicum, I think I have my placement, and it looks like it will be in the big smoke rather than the valley to start, which is fine. The school itself is good, and they have a good music program, so that is exciting. I have had a great recommendation of the choir teacher there from my former, JT, so that is reassuring.
I am sure we will end up in the valley at some point, but for now, we will be urbanites when we move back across the water. I will be sad to leave a lot of good people here, and a church I really am growing fond of. It has its moments, but we are all human, and I have seen a lot of growth and maturing and beauty happening, which is really fantastic to witness and to be a part of.
Bethany (good friend in the phillippines) is 34 weeks pregnant, and having intense nerve pain, pray for her.
Bucan Bucan is playing on saturday.
Tofino is amazing.
Kabuki Kabbing is going well, hopefully the weather begins to suck less and less.
I wrenched my shoulder while surfing, I always like to have a good injury story so that I can say "I was surfing in the Tofino the other day" I am sure if there is any reward to be had in heaven, I have had most of mine down here from all of my story telling and the instant gratification that brings. anyways.

OH! David B Hart's Atheist Delusions! This is an amazing book. I will never debate anyone about atheism again, unless I am a priest 30 years from now and someone asks, but in that case too, I will simply hand them a copy of this book and say, read this, then lets talk. or, if they need to dialogue, I will read sections from it, and then we will talk about it. It is amazing. I hope to do a proper book review of it, but if you need a good book that is challenging, THIS is the one book. I don't think I recommend many books on here, though maybe. no idea. anyways. read it. buy it. borrow it. do it. David B Hart. Atheist Delusions. fantastic.

oh, and I got up with zeke this morning at 6, after he was awake for an hour, and took him down to the beach. It was awesome. the tide was out, the beach was huge and we were almost alone on it. I let him wander quite a ways away from me, 50 yards maybe, and I was poking around some rocks or something and I looked back and he had fallen on his bum into a tiny creek and was just sitting there, water soaking his PJ's, content. the creek was millimetres deep, like beach creeks are, but it was cold water nonetheless. so he was wet. he was wearing PJ's, boots and a puffy vest.
we carried on a bit, found lots of interesting things, and then went and got dried off. he loved it. I did too.
I love being a Dad.


My Peas

My Peas
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My Garden is growing!

you can see the peas on the right, lettuce on the left, there's a potato plant, a tomato plant, onions, garlic, strawberries.

and you can't quite see my deer fences, but they are there.


oh life

is bigger.

and we live across the street from the ocean, I just got a piano, its beautiful. nothing fancy, but certainly worth the two benjamins it cost. had it delivered, (you are welcome, crew of moving friends, for not ruining your backs)

we have a great life. I have plans, dreams, ideas, I want us all to live on a property, I want to finance it, build it, sell the properties, or lease the homes, or whatever. I don;t even care about money, but I can't ask people for money, and I know a bunch of people who would do it if they could, if it was available. I know enough people who are into it, that it could be done, it just takes someone willing to do the work. one day.
I can't wait to be a teacher as well, I hope to find out soon, but I might be doing my practicum at Mountain in langley, near St. H. which would be very very cool. The teachers there are good, at least the choral teacher, I heard the group at Banff. Banff was so great.
and the Greyhound is terrible, never ever take the greyhound. I mean, its fine, but it was really not restful, to get to banff and need to sleep the whole next day was not worth the hundred dollars less, and I wasn't even paying for it. next time, flying to calgary, or driving a car.
But it was great, I learned a lot, hobnobbed with important people, had a drink with my old choir teacher, learned a lot, heard great groups (go look up the Kokopelli Choir on youtube, they are great) and was so so inspired to be a teacher.

I sure did miss my family too, but maybe they can come next time.

So here's the question of the day. (and its not a current issue, otherwise I wouldn't blog about it)

When you are having an argument with your spouse (Laurenn and I never argue, we are both perfect) how do you decide who wins? a disagreement is de facto both of us being sure that the other is wrong, both of us are using logic (right) so how do we solve it? I like watching the marriage ref, because though it is humour, I still think they are getting at something. Its okay for someone to be right and someone to be wrong but how do you get there without a ref? and who should be that referee? sometimes I think our church leaders could fill that role, even though its a bit of a risk to get involved, I think if we ask someone to help us see outside of our perspective, that could be helpful.

any thoughts?

also, music I have been listening to lately: Wailin Jenny's, Rajaton,

and I am LOVING David B Hart's "Atheist Delusions" which my Dad bought me for my birthday. Its fantastic.

don't forget to click on the picture below for more lovely shots of zeke. and my garden is coming along nicely too.

I am a prodigy.

I am a prodigy.
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