I love lawn chairs

I love lawn chairs
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how cute is my son? cutest ever.


Banff, Old Friends, On Becoming a Teacher, my Garden

I am going to banff tomorrow, and I am very excited.
Today I got a haircut, new pants, a new sweatervest because honestly what says 'teacher' like a sweatervest? nothing.
anyways, very excited. This is a high school music festival, and it is non competitive. www.crmfestival.com if you want to see it, the website looks a bit old, but it explains it a bit. anyways, it was at this festival that I first spoke in front of a large crowd. I was in Grade 12, and the section leader in both band and choir (I also played rugby) so I was chosen, along with my good friend Jeff, to speak as a leader in a strong program, to both the teachers and the students. I think the stuff I said was kind of lame, but I don't honestly remember. what I do remember was meeting some of the other students, one of which, oddly enough, I have been friends with ever since. That is not due to trying to keep in touch, but our paths ended up crossing later, and staying that way. Dan Steenburgh was also a leader in his high school music program, and we ended up being friends at University, and eventually remembered each other from the festival in banff. We have been good friends since the later years of university, as we took many classes together, and eventually were part of a small group of TWU students who became orthodox together. (Graham Y, QJesse, P+B, Z+C, ER etc) Anyways, I am honored to be taking part in a teacher development program, which will help me get back into the swing of things, as I have not been in the high school music scene for a while, despite a mild addiction to GLEE on tuesday nights, (which, by the way, I still like, but wonder if the magic will last...but that's another rabbit trail for another day)
So, tomorrow I take the bus to banff, and get to wear sweatervests, host evening concerts and become a better teacher. Not only that, but I get to schmooze, and perhaps talk my way into a practicum in Langley, but don't hold your breath, I don't have a ton of control.
I am so excited to become a teacher. I know it won't be everything I had hoped for, and I know I won't get a contract right away, but that is fine. I just can't wait to get paid to make music with eager young people. People who actually want to learn. And I can't wait to try out things that haven't been traditionally part of the curriculum, like pop music, or experimental fusion, like electro-acoustic stuff that almost anyone can do on a computer. I love the whole community aspect of creating music, both in a ensemble and in the context of a school. I have visions of grandeur, I know, but why not?
My Garden, is now becoming realistic. Potatoes popped up from who knows where, but I think I want to keep some of them. Not entirely sure how to deal with them, but will let them be for now. my peas are recovering from the deer and their raiding and pillaging. I have many many strawberry plants, and I recently planted Kale and Rhubarb Chard, and I am so excited for when I get back and see the progress. oh, and for taking out all the weeds.
oh, and go and visit www.flickr.com/photos/pasivirta and see all of our recent pics of biking and camping, if you need a diversion. some are really cute ones of zeke. he's growing so fast, its outrageous.


Zeke Drinking from a hose

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I taught zeke to drink from a hose, Laurenn was not too happy, but it seemed such an important skill for a young man to have.