Tomas Luis De Victoria

TL de Victoria is the best composer in history.

His music, more than any other, convinces me time and again that God is there. and here.

we have nice music in church, but his compositions capture the beauty and tension that is life so well that there is no way to describe it and to try would be a disservice.


Джосина Ксения said...

Not by de Victoria, but a personal favourite of mine:

Those high notes get me everytime.

pasivirta said...

true, they (tallis scholars) are amazing, as is this piece. I heard them do it in vancouver once!

Donna Farley said...

'nice' music in church, hah!...if you are at Holy Saturday 8 am liturgy, just wait till you hear Fr. Sergei Glagolev's Let All Mortal Flesh...not that we're anywhere near the class of the Tallis scholars, but rehearsals have certainly been wonderful anyway! :-) See you at Pascha!

pasivirta said...

Ha, Yes Matushka, I can't wait. sadly we won't be there, I work til 9am that day. and I know there is definetely a large body of beautiful orthodox church music out there, we just often (in a variety of churches, not just the two I frequent) sing things because we always have, because we can, and because of rehearsal times etc.
I was trying to put them in different categories, which maybe was unfair of me.
sadly I have missed a lot of my favourite lenten music, I missed out on presanctified liturgies this year, which was difficult. between school and sleep training the baby and working nights, it just couldn't happen this year. which was a weird situation for me. I remember the joy of 8 days of church in a row when I was in my second ever lent. oh the zeal of yesteryear.

Donna Farley said...

Surprising how old one little kid can make you, eh? And how fast?:-)

Fear not, they do grow up, and the luxury of many church services will return....