So, I have found recently that I have been quoted a bunch of times on pro-life websites for comments I made in an article in the school paper. I stand by what I said, and I am opposed to abortion. I know there are difficult circumstances that make this question more complicated than I am comfortable with, so I am willing to say that there must be some time and place where it would be a morally grey area.

That said, (and this post notwithstanding)I am going to be a teacher, likely in the public system, and I am uncomfortable with my name being all over a bunch of pro-life websites, because their communication style generally lacks tact. Not because I want to hide my pro-life stance (!) but because I want that fact to be found in a nuanced discussion, not an out of context quote that makes me sound more extreme than I am.

In other news, it was really nice to have visitors tonight, this summer will see the reinstatement of a weekly gathering at our house, not an open house as such, more of an afternoon BBQ in the garden.

school is almost done for the year. conducting was great today, maybe I will post a litle video later, we'll see.

we were so glad to be at all saints the last two weeks, its a good place to be.


Donna Farley said...

it's the risk anyone takes these days in writing or allowing themselves to be quoted...the power of the internet can place it out of context.

Did you notice that the latest OCA Holy Synod & Met Council meeting has released a number of documents on oca.org, including one on bioethics? I haven't had time to read it all myself yet.

pasivirta said...

yeah, I don't know what the rules are about quoting, but I didn't give permission for that. Perhaps being published is implied permission?