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I have said it before and I will say it again, I can't wait to be a choir teacher.
I was at Oak Bay High School today, and it fed my soul. The choir there was fantastic today, I spent a short time there during their rehearsal at lunch hour, listening to their unauditioned sr. choir, and it blew me away. If you live in Victoria, and want your kids to have a good music education, Oak Bay is the place to be. I haven't been to many high schools to hear their singers, but the warm, rich, mature sound that they made today, and their expression, and their sense of attention to detail, it blew me away. These high school kids who I would definitely call hoodlums under any other circumstance were creating beauty in such a real and meaningful way that it once again reminded me of where I am going and why, and it was so healthy. It fed my soul. It encouraged me.
And it was so great too, a bunch of kids who I am sure were not all of one mind regarding religious beliefs were able to sing Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus, a beautiful song that I think refers to the consubstantiation in the catholic mass, with believing hearts simply because they loved the music, not because they believed it, and it was such a fantastic way for the teacher to get them to engage. Some of my colleagues have tried to find ways to address religious music in the classroom and it has sometimes been awkward, which I get, its hard to figure out how to deal with God in a public school, so just acknowledge that it is beautiful music and that you like it. if they sing like that, good enough for me, because the beauty of the music says so much that if you don't actually believe every word, but you sing it with expression and emotion, then you are being humble and submitting yourself to the music and the meaning, and it works.

Also, there was a young person there who sounded like they might be slightly on the ASD, which I found later to be the case, but the young person sang beautifully and apparently is super high functioning, which was cool to hear about. Said person made a garage band arrangement of Jupiter from Holst's planets. which is no small feat.

There was such a great texture and excitement for what they were doing, I appreciated being there so much, Such hope and innocence, even if it wasn't really there, it was. It was the place they could be honest and vulnerable, which is what high school kids lack. Its all about a tough shell and being badass and that is such a tragedy, especially if there is nowhere to have the honest and vulnerable moment.

ah, choir. seriously, can't wait.

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theresia said...

great to hear that you had such an uplifting experience with this choir to fuel your passion to teach